Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back from Sickness ...

... and laziness

Wasted this blog again, the longest period of absence this time I believe. ^^;

Not sure why, but I had been very unwell at the beginning of this month. I have been quite well this entire year, but this month I had a string of fever/cold/mouth ulcer running on and off for a few weeks. I can't remember which one started first, but bad luck just came one after another. ^^;

The peak period was near the end of the first week, I couldn't breath properly because of a running nose, I couldn't eat or drink without feeling the pain from the ulcer in my mouth, and there was no appetite anyway because I couldn't really taste anything with the nose block.

And the headache >.< I felt like there was a mosquito living inside my ears the whole time. But comparing headache with mouth ulcer, the later was much harder to bear actually. Sometimes I just felt like chewing my lips off to get rid of the pain. >.<

Everything was a drag for me during that unpleasant period. I was demotivated to do many things - including updating my blogs. I was able to kept my main blog running well, but I posted in a very mechanical way. I only started putting in some of my own ideas and a more information into each posting starting days before Christmas. ^^;

But there was no mood to work on Ex at that time though. ^^;

The sickness is one thing, but there was a huge sense of laziness in writing up reviews as well. ^^;

Being well most of the time, it was really hard for me to follow the schedule of the medicines given. Twice a day or thrice a day, before or after meal was hard for me to remember. ^^; So after a while, I didn't bother about them anymore. I started drinking a lot of plain water daily, like four or five big bottles a day to cool down the heat inside the body.

And sure enough, the mouth ulcer went away soon after that, which was a huge relief for me. I got much better days before Christmas ^^

Oh yes, re-watching "Lucky Star" and "Azumanga Daioh" really helped as well. ^^

Time to restart the blog, but I have to go and check on which review is not done first. ^^;


Anonymous said...

lol anime pictures, ngeekhiong u are just another otaku and geek.

FlawlessEXA said...

Welcome back. Nice to hear that you are feeling better.

Zoidiect Archaea said...

MG Exia review!!

oh yeah,still waiting for Nu gundam review

Mafty said...

well it's time that your personal blog need some touch..

welcome back.. :3

Q said...

I suppose water is one of the best medicine out there afterall?

It's good to see you coming back on Ex again. lol at watching Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh to help you get well XD