Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HGUC Geara Zulu Part 1

Awfully tempting

No the most recent Gunpla release, but it's still one of my favorites at the moment - HGUC Geara Zulu.

I'm a big fan of mono-eye MSs from Zeon, be it the original Principality of Zeon from the first Gundam, or any resemblance of their MS designs in other Gundam timelines. I think many Zeon MSs are able to instill a fearsome image into enemy eyes through their mono-eye camera. A red glowing eye that moves around behind what you can call a face looks pretty fierce to me. ^^

So, even though many of such units, like Zaku II, Gouf, Gelgoog, Marasai, Zaku Warrior and Tieren are designed for mass production purpose, where cost of production is emphasized over performance, according to these units' mecha setting, I like them very much. ^^ I suppose you can call them cannon fodder in certain scenes in their anime, ^^; but take away that, they are very fierce-looking mecha to me.

I like Geara Zulu for being closer to Zaku II in its appearance as compared to Geara Doga. When you think about the actual combat performance, Geara Zulu would be a cheaper production model of Geara Doga, which is also a production type MS itself. ^^; So, just by looking at the specs, Geara Zulu is of a much lower class as compared to Geara Doga.

From the roll-out of Geara Zulu, I believe we can say that the remnants of Neo Zeon in UC0096 sure are facing some serious financial constraints to sustain their forces. ^^;

Still, Full Frontal's gangs maintain their great artistic sense in designing the emblem of the Neo Zeon on the chest and forearm of Geara Zulu, which varies between variations. ^^ Pragmatists might argue that better weapons or so can be added if those emblems are removed, but I welcome such design very much. ^^ It gives the unit so much more personality when you put him with other Zeon units.

As a matter of fact, I like him so much I bought two - something I never did before. ^^ Normally I would focus on just one kit and try to make it the best I could, but the temptation to build a Geara Zulu straightaway is really hard to resist, and so, this particular kit of Geara Zulu will be a plain straight assembled version, with no panel-ling, just foil sticker for all.

And that's something I never did for almost 10 years now. ^^ Since the day I got my first pen for panel-lining, straight assembly for the final model has been off my book, but I suppose I could let myself go for this kit. ^^ The completed model will go to my office.

A look at the runners first:

Runner A

All the black parts for the collar, chest and forearms are on Runner A. From the way how the parts are molded, the many Geara Zulu's variations are definitely going to come out.

Runner B

While the front skirt armor is connected, it can still be separated so that each side can move independently.

Runner C

Indication of the future variation releases on this runner as well.

Runner D

Generic leg and arm parts for all types of Geara Zulu.

Runner E - Generic joint parts.

Runner F - Weapons and backpack.

Backpack - different between the regular type, royal guard type and Angelo Sauper's customized type.

Polycap and foil stickers
Polycap is an extended variation of the one used by HGUC Nu Gundam.

A straight assembly it's going to be, it should be done by the next posting. ^^


rj said...

fast2...cant wait to see ur next post! wanna see the finished Geara Zulu

hiroy_raind said...

you can separate the skirt armor!? O_o

I can't wait until you get to that process.

chubbybots said...

This is a very nice kit to have ^^ I assembled mine and its a beauty! Enjoy the building man.