Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Home Video: Skyline (2010)

Feels like a TV movie anyway

Not one week after coming back from my vacation and I have to pick a movie and recalling the experience of watching it for this segment? XD

Movie poster is from IMDB.

Trailer of the movie.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

"Skyline", a 2010 movie directed by The Brothers Strause. Technical movie details can be seen on IMDB, while the entire story is up on the movie's Wikipedia page.

Great special effect especially the alien design, good premise - not original but is interesting enough to provide for a good alien invasion story, but the set up, plot points and pacing between different scenes seem that the movie was made with the intention of sequel releases as a major emphasis. Many important points in the movie are left unattended to bait the audience to anticipate for the movie's sequel I suppose, which should never be the case unless the development of a sequel is actually confirmed right from the get-go.

And the ending, oh my, is just so amazing that one would flip tables and smash windows to show off his deep appreciation for the satisfying and well-written conclusion of this movie. ^^;


gundamixo said...

Will you ever return? Missing your posts...

Dyne46 said...

Are you ok? You haven't updated since your vacation :(

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