Saturday, March 7, 2009

Action Display Base 2 Black Part 1

A must for HG fans

Today I'll talk about an important accessories to your Gunplas. ^^

First released back in 2007, just a few months after Action Display Base 1 came out, I wasn't too fond of the "2" series because of its smaller size. When I found out that the connectors for Action Display Base 1 can be used for HG, even BB Senshi models, this smaller Type 2 was pretty much out of my list.

It was after quite some time that I realized its benefits over Action Display Base 1, particularly when it comes to HG kits. More details as I move along ^^

The size of the packaging is the same as that of Action Display Base 1, but there's only one runner and a few screws and bolt.

If you compare it to a normal Gunpla, the price and the content is a bit disproportional in my opinion. One runner for 450 Yen, you can get BB Senshi Sangokuden Ryubi Gundam or Shiba-I Sazabi with an add-on of 50 Yen, with multi-color runners, a more interesting manual, and paper box some more. More over, the runners are made of normal PS plastic, not ABS.

But then again, it's not exactly a Gunpla for one to compare like that.

Furthermore, you don't need to buy as many of these Action Display Bases as you do with Gunplas. XD One or two of these stands is enough in my opinion, unless you're planning to give each of your models a stand. ^^;

I bought two actually, both of the same color, plus another one included in Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection God Keron, I have three Action Display Base 2 Black. For this review, I only built one. I haven't see the need to build more for my Gunplas at this point.

All parts, screws (3) and bolts (3) for the stand.

All parts for the base.

No panel-lining or painting, you can finish everything in less than half an hour I think. ^^
Two connectors are included, but you only need one to combine the two pieces for the base. The extra connector can be stored in a designated space beneath the base. Very convenient.

Has slits on all four sides of the base, so you can come up with plenty of combo possibilities for the base. Much more merrier with more than one display bases of course XD

Five types of connector for the stand included.

Adjusting the angle of the joint for the connector.

Adjusting the angle of the stand. This will affect the height of the stand, without extending the secondary stand.

Extending the secondary stand.
Just like Action Display Base 1, a lock is used to secure the position of the secondary stand.

Action poses with my old HG kits:

We'll look at the comparison with Action Display Base 1 in Part 2. ^^


Q said...

As I haven't got many 1/100 these ones are definitely the preferred ones for me ^^ Smaller, cheaper, and just as posable~

Nice to see your gunpla as well as I rarely get to see what you have (which is a lot anyway ^^;).

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks for your comment. ^^

The major reason for converting to using Type 2 over 1 for my HGs is less space needed by the base t be put on my table. I like to have a model on my studies, for me to a bit of play time in between my work. Can't have MG because they need so much space for a decent action pose, can't have Action Display Base 1 either because of the size of the base. ^^;

Type 2 is just right ^^

On the space issue, Revoltech Chun-li is the best display item so far for its minimum space requirement XD

Proton said...

Can you use display bases for stuff other than Bandai kits? I have a few Armored Core kits, I was thinking of getting a display base for some of them.

Ngee Khiong said...


I believe you can, as long as the mount racks of the display base can be slotted into the hip joint o the model, you can use the display base. ^^

irregularcog said...

So these smaller #2s can't support a 1/100? Darn, I need a stand for my Overflag

Anonymous said...

NK, try kotobukiya display base. Although more expensive, but it is nice. With 3 joints which alow you get more flexible in posing your kit.

The weakness from Bandai's display base that you can't combine more display base like Bandai's and it can hold some heavy kits like FAZZ. And to hold Wing Ka, i'm not allow to bend some joint, or else..Bump! Xp

Anonymous said...

"it can hold some heavy kits like FAZZ" wrong type. It should be: it can't hold some heavy kits like FAZZ.

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks for the image links. Actually I'm very interested in getting these M.S.G. items from Kotobukiya, but the regular model kits from the company is hard to find in my place, accessories are way harder to get.

And like you said, with the mount rack slotted into the pelvis joint of the model, movement of the lower body becomes limited. :( And I don't think I want to drill a hole behind those models to use the screw-type mount rack included ^^;