Sunday, March 8, 2009

Action Display Base 2 Black Part 2 [Final]

Booster for Action Display Base 1

Continued from Part 1.

Comparison with Action Display Base 1:

Huge size difference between the two bases can be seen. Action Display Base 1 is a least twice the size of 2. Frankly, this is the reason I started favoring Action Display Base 2 over the bigger version. Smaller HG models mounting on a base that is so much bigger looks a bit of out of place for me.

It's like wearing a shirt that is too big for you. ^^;

Also, the stand of 2 can be adjusted to a much lower angle as compared to 1 (if you want to do so in the first place). The angle of adjustment for 1 is limited by the connector of the second stand (circled in red). If you lower the stand too much, the connector can't be inserted into any of the holes on the base.

Since the angle of adjustment for 2 is via a tab on the stand itself, there's no problem for it to go as low as you want.

Note the size differences for the mount racks as well.

Also regarding the mount racks, the ones from Action Display Base 1 are not compatible at all for #2. Very disappointing ^^;

You can use the connector from #2 with the straight pin to connect to the mount racks from #1.

Because of the difference in the size of the pin and base, the result is very unstable. Inapplicable at all.

The bases from the two releases are incompatible as well - cannot be connected, for those who are wondering about it.

The slit is too wide for the connector from #2 to be used on it. At the same time, the base of 1 is a little taller than 2. The height difference between the two would make them look a bit awkward even if they can combine.

Luckily the stand from 2 can be inserted into the base of #1 ^^

Looks like parents and child? or siblings? ^^

As a matter of fact, the combination of the two makes them very suitable to display models from different "grades" on a single base.

That's one way to fully utilized the huge base for Action Display Base 1 I think ^^

So, even though the mount racks are incompatible, you can put the stand from #1 onto the base of #2 to display your MGs on it, but then again, please take into consideration the issue of weight and stability before doing so.

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Action Display Base 2 Black


Q said...

Wow, I'd never thought that the difference between the two bases will be that huge, despite (roughly) equal packaging o_o

Really like your RX-78-2 'family' there ^^ Made me chuckle a bit but it's done great~

And oh yea I did try putting my sister's NG 1/100 Infinite Justice on the Base 2, but it even with the arm extended it looks as if it's barely hovering over the ground ^^;;;

Ngee Khiong said...


Ya the difference between the two is quite obvious. I suppose Bandai's just hoping for us to keep buying more from either series to cater for all types of models we have. Luckily their stands are compatible with each other's base.