Sunday, March 15, 2009

HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type Part 5 [Final]

One Tieren is really not enough

More on HG Tieren's articulation:

Movement of the shoulder blocks

Small abdomen + big waist + no side skirt armor = "owl-head" action for the waist ^^

Tieren gymnastic moves: 一字马 (the splits) with shield on - side way, no problem ...

... forward, no problem ...

... side way standing, no problem ...

... forward standing, yes problem ^^;

Strong pelvis joints allow Tieren to stand on one leg, long feet allow him to sustain the pose well.

Tieren's amazing tailor's seat pose (or Yoga sitting pose if that's how you call it).

铁人摆地摊!! XD
Smart business-minded Tieren ^^

铁人教功夫!! XD
Tieren's kungfu moves ^^

吸气!! Get ready!!

发功!! Attack!!

Some of the more 'normal' action poses for Tieren ^^

To swap the shield to the other leg, you need to detach the entire left leg and plug it into the right knee joint.

Apart from the overweight feel on the right portion of the model after that, the legs function just fine.

Comparison with FG Exia reveals Tieren's overwhelming size.

Comparison with Char's Zaku II fails to draw any connection between these two mono-eye MSs. The green Mass Productive Type would be a better model for comparison, which I don't have. ^^'

As with the Heat Hawk for Zaku II, and the Beam Ax for Zaku Warrior, my favorite weapon for Tieren is the Carbon Blade. My friend and I used to laughed at it as a chicken rice stall's knife, even though we knew well that a chicken rice stall knife does not look like that at all XD

Personally, I have no idea how the Blade can work for Tieren, i.e. how many times he can actually kill his opponent with that short blade, but it looks very cool nonetheless. ^^ If you stretch the weapon horizontally, say 10 times its original size, you'll get the surfboard Heavy Lance used by Eva Mass Production Type from Evangelion. ^^

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HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type


Q said...

It's pretty crazy how despite being a bulky design, the 1/144 Tieren is actually far more posable than many of the 1/144 out there.

And I had no idea that it can do 1-legged stand as well as the 00 Gundam's split. o_o Dalong didn't do them afaik. o_o

One Tieren is really not enough
That's really true, because if I did buy one 1/144 Tieren, then I might ended up getting at least 2-3 more to make up a squad :P

Ngee Khiong said...


Oh yes, that's one of the benefits of an unconventional MS design I think. Unlike Exia that needs to adhere to certain design rules of a Gundam which tend to limit how the Gunpla can be designed (as well as how big a regular Gundam should be), no skirt armor + the tube-like joints for the pelvis give Tieren a lot of flexibility in doing a lot of poses.

I have a few other Tierens in my collection. Looking forward to start building them as well.