Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BB Senshi Destiny Part 5

Extremely enjoyable! ^^

More parts than BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ, but just as easy to assemble.

(Far) less paint job required, so I didn't get the feeling of "So much time and effort for so few parts" this time ^^

So, as a conclusion, assembling the little fella is very enjoyable, and this is all before twisting and playing with the completed model ^^

The head was completed even before Part 1 ^^;

The ugly layers on top of the wings are totally visible >_<

After a long time given to the paints on the weapon mount racks and the anti-ship sword to dry, they don't get scratched off easily now. ^^

12.5cm in length for the deployed beam launcher and anti-ship sword, 20cm in length and 9.5cm in height for the wings with the beam parts attached.
Makes me so tempted to assemble the MG version immediately ^^

Leftover foil stickers.

Very rich list of accessories for BB Senshi Destiny, but still, the small conventional shield is missing.

First impression: what a colorful little model it is XD

Done with assembling all the parts, action poses for BB Senshi Destiny will be in Part 6 [Final]. ^^

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