Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Even More Exias Coming In

Exia No. 8, Exia No. 9

Taking advantage of local web store's massive price slashes on selected MSIAs and HCM-Pros, I bought my first and second MSIA, second and third HCM-Pros. ^^

With 1/100 Exia Roll Out Color Ver., my 8th and 9th Exia have arrived to join the collection ^^

MSIA Exia and Zudah, HCM-Pro Gouf Custom and Tieren Ground Type and 1/100 Exia Roll Out Color Ver. All for about RM200 ^^

Didn't expect to be able to get this "supposedly" limited Gunpla, at such a great price too ;)

Different shades of gray and lighter yellow replace Exia's original color scheme. New foil stickers with text for the GN panels are also included.

Spotting some of the differences between the two kits.


MSIA Zudah Unit 1

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom

HCM-Pro Tieren Ground Type/Long Range Artillery Type

Happily playing with these new figures currently. ^^ Will resume with the review on MG Unicorn after this.

* Interested fans of the offer mentioned can have a look in this link.


Q said...

Exia fanboy mode! XD

Argh you got the more normal Exia Rollout Colour! It costs me an arm to get one in a special store to get the Event exclusive one thinking that it's impossible for me to get it elsewhere, only to see it being sold at regular price at ACGHK! T_T

Btw are there any differences between your version of Rollout and the the one I've got (i.e. plain text with no background)?

Btw nice gets on the HCM-Pro and MSIA - a lot of things I like there too~ ^^

MARTIN said...

Ngee - I take it the Rollout version is a 'gray' kit with few colour extras, like the 'normal' 0 Gundam planned for September release?

Looking forward to seeing the Unicorn completed - but I am wondering which mode you're going to set him up in...

Anonymous said...

I actually have the MSiA for Exia. Honestly, I was not impressed as I found the figure to be rather floppy and was a pain to pose with it's GN blades very well. Was also hard to recreate some of the poses from the anime (unlike afew of my other MSiA models). If I had to get a figure of Exia again, I'd probably go for the HCM Pro figurine or the upcoming Robot Damashii figure instead.

Chris said...

So, you really get HCM Pro Tieren Ground Type?
lol So many Exias? You seem to be close to getting all versions released for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the new MG Exia Rollout Color will be #10, eh NK?

Ngee Khiong said...


After seeing the review of that limited version on Dalong, I believe the content is the same (might be very disappointing for you ^^;). The color of the parts and foil stickers are the same.


My Exia #10 will be the Robot Damashii version. Will be getting it by next week I believe ^^

But yeah, hopefully there's a chance to get the MG version in Roll-out color ver. as well. ^^