Sunday, August 23, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 11

Bleaching 1

After the review on the inner frame of Unicorn Gundam, it's time to armor it up. ^^

As mentioned before, showing off the inner frame isn't Unicorn Gundam's strongest point actually. You can see in the previous posting that various spots have pins sticking out, and those without them doesn't have much details to display anyway. Most people won't bother about the inner frame as well, as you need to alter the steps from the manual when assembling the model to get the full frame.

In other words, the armors are detachable alright, but they aren't exactly meant for such purpose actually. They are more for the transformation.

With the armors coming on, gray (inner frame) and red (Psycho Frame) will turn to white ^^


Something to look out for when putting in the little plate inside the wrist.

The beam saber in the forearm cannot be deployed without exposing the Psycho Frame.

Not much difference between the length of the arm as compared to that of Gundam RX-78-2. But the upper arm is clearly super-thin ^^

Same assembly process for the other arm. The elbow can only bend for 90 degrees. ^^;


The top portion of the shoulder armor being molded in one piece is a huge plus point to this component.

The transformation gimmick of the shoulder armor can only be performed when the armors are on.

The shoulder armors in Unicorn Mode very close to that of Gundam RX-78-2.


Most parts for the backpack to function are on the armors. Like the shoulder armors, without the parts all assembled, you can't really see how this component works. ^^;

The design of the parts and separation of colors between them give details to the whole component without much helps from panel-lines.

[Waist & skirt armors]

Plenty of parts for the skirt armors as the panels on all sides can be opened/closed.

Painted the head of the pin inside the armor to make it look like it's part of the mecha details instead of the armor.

Unicorn and Destroy Modes

The front view of the waist looks quite close to that of Gundam RX-78-2 in my opinion ...

..., which is totally changed in Destroy Mode.

Armor-on for the rest of the parts in the next review. ^^


Chris said...

Eh..? So the upper arm doesn't have the transformation function?

Any-Key said...

I think there is no Psycho-Frame for the upper arm, since much of it will be covered by the shoulders - limiting movability of the Suit and the model.
And, in my opinion, a psycho frame inside the upper arm doesn't make technically sense - there's just no need to. the lower arm might need it for the beam sabres and the hand's, the shoulders for the movability, and the upper arm is fed by the shoulder.