Friday, August 28, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 14

Can't cover the fire eh?

Action poses for the Unicorn mode in this review ^^

In general, after playing around with the model between his two modes, I realize that the Unicorn mode is much easier to adjust for its action pose, even though it may not be as interesting to look at as compared to the Destroy mode. The later is a little "frisky", if you know what I mean - While adjusting the arms, you touch on the rear skirt armors and close it unintentionally; when you sit him onto the display stand, the whole knee armor would fall off; and after you took the photo, you get to see that the armor for the groin has been closed, covering the Psycho Frame in it. ^^;

So playful is the model it can get on your nerves sometimes XD

But anyway, I haven't come to the Destroy mode actually, but fans who had assembled and transformed this model would have the same experience I believe.

As you can see, the Psycho Frame is partially revealed in some of the pose, especially when it involves movement of the waist. Flipping out the beam saber in his forearm gives away the Psycho Frame of the arm as well, as the whole part needs to be lifted up in order to get the beam saber. The animators for Gundam UC OVAs coming up next year would do well to cover this up in the design, but Gunpla wise, that's almost impossible per se.

Articulation wise, the Unicorn mode isn't too bad as long as you're not judging on that quality based on whether he can kneel or do the split XD. Without any polycap, or even ball-type joint, the ankle's articulation range is quite wide. It's a little weak to actually hold the poses, especially when you bend the legs and make the model do a forward pose instead. Be careful about that because the weight of the upper body would cause the model to fall to the front.

Putting the model up on a display base would definitely be better, but there's a little flaw to that as well, but I'll save the discussion on that bit till later. ^^

We'll look at the transformation process in the next review. ^^


Chris said...

Considering the transformation gimmicks, the articulation isn't too bad but still loses considerably to previous MGs.
I just snap a Gunpla's arm today. Gotta be careful with older Gunplas, especially those transformable ones. ^^;

Anonymous said...

I agree with the older Gunplas being a bit more fragile. I just snapped the leg off of my PG Zeta. ;__;

Anonymous said...

Love the bazoka shots ^^.

Anonymous said...

me just broke my wing zero palm cover when cleaning the model..T_T
not even apply heavy pressure..