Sunday, August 30, 2009

Figma Takara Miyuki Part 1

I'm embarrassed to say

I must say, writing up this review is way harder than Gundam Heroine History Special: Relena Peacecraft. Huhhuh~ ^^;

This Figma Miyuki is the first really moe-type action figure in my collection. As a matter of fact, I only know what is "moe" not more than a year ago, ^^; and I believe it's rather inappropriate to do a review on Miyuki the same way as a Gunpla.

As such, it's really difficult for me to come up with words and vocab for the review. ^^; I'll just let more images do the talking then.

As a basic introduction for those who haven't watch "Lucky Star", Takara Miyuki is one of the four lead characters in that anime. Tallest among the four, she is also the only one with glasses. Comes from a rich family, beautiful, smart, knowledgeable in almost everything, polite, quiet, ...

... but can be very clumsy at times, afraid of opening her eyes under water, or putting anything in her eyes, extremely unlucky with plenty of dentist visits, and is always a subject to Konata's special jokes.

Hence, moe ^^

Miyuki really reminds me of Chiyo-chan from "Azumanga Daioh", another one of my all-time favorite animes. ^^

For this Figma figure, I got it the same time as Yamato's Macross Zero 1/60 Complete Transformation SV-51γ Nora's Unit some time in May, at a really good deal too. ^^

Just as the introduction on Miyuki, we'll look at the box and content of the figure first:

A bit of instruction on removing the hair and swapping the head inside the box.

Comes with a very nice backdrop featuring Miyuki's school and her friends. I'll be using this as the backdrop for all of Miyuki's actions in the second review. ^^

Another backdrop? and a cardboard? Not sure what they are for myself ^^;

Display base, stand, option hand units and a hard resealable plastic bag.
Definitely better design than Revoltech - all the hand units are arranged on a small board, and all parts can be secured in the plastic bag.

Miyuki comes with an option face expression and a book with special pair of option hand units to hold it.

More Moe-yuki in the second review. ^^


Chris said...

Isn't that cardboard for the backdrop serves as a stand to support the backdrop like photo frames?

LC2 said...

So Ngee Khiong has joined the Dark Side of figurine.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that second backdrop is part of the background used during the beginning and end of the Lucky Star Opening Sequence, with all four girls dancing.

Q said...

Anon has it spot on for the orange backdrop - it's for you to have all 4 girls doing the dance in the OP sequence.

But wuhuhuh that's one long introduction for Mikyuki, and I haven't got the will to start Lucky Star yet, so that's some impressive stuff from you XD figmas are pretty good in terms of quality, but be careful of hands as some can break easily if not removed carefully. Just play them carefully and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I've had her since the day she came out and have only taken her out of the box only once...