Friday, April 1, 2011

Capsule Toy M.S.G. Part 1

Redefined details

Starting my review on another different item in my collection - Gundam related this time: Magnetic Scout Gundam (M.S.G.) capsule toy set.

Even though it's a capsule toy series, I didn't get them through the "conventional" capsule toy machine actually. Rather, I got all 6 of them as a set from a store selling gashapon sets and prize items in Singapore last July. Very convenient, and I got to save myself from drawing the same item again and again as one would if through the machine. ^^

Anyway, M.S.G. is quite an old set by today's standard. It was released back in September 2008 at 200 Yen each. It's basically MS head and bust display item collection. Each item is about 6cm tall, which isn't very big per se, but since it only feature the head and part of the chest, a lot of details can be observed. On top of that, all the shoulder joint section has some mechanical details not seen on their Gunpla version, so it's pretty cool for display alongside Gunplas. ^^

I first knew about it through my own blog actually - a posting I did on it back in June 2008 on the old blog. A head bust display item of Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II is very good - actually any Zaku variation is very welcomed for me. ^^ Also, Shin Musha Gundam is a unit I like very much at that point, so a mini display item of it is very attractive for me. When I chanced upon all of three of them bundled as a set in the store mentioned, I wasn't going to let it go away. ^^

I saw a later release from that series in the same store, M.S.G. Gundam Double O (released in February 2009), which was covered in another previous posting on my old blog, but for not having another two 00 Gundam busts, I opted for the original set instead.

You will see all 6 in the set in this review series. ^^

A set of 6 "stripes" included, as how you would get them through the capsule toy machine - one for each capsule you draw. 6 items in this set, 6 stripes it is then ^^

Introduction of all the items in the set.

A bit of instructions on attaching a part behind Shin Musha Gundam's head and adjusting Zaku II's mono-eye camera.

Going through each of the 6 items:

[00 Gundam]

Some articulation design incorporated for the head.

While upward and downward, back and forth are no problem for 00 Gundam, turning the head to the left and right is a big problem. The neck design doesn't permit it to turn in either direction.

For your information, Japanese modeler Keita used this 00 Gundam bust display and modify it into 00 Qan[T] ^^

[Strike Freedom Gundam]

Way better articulation for Strike Freedom Gundam. Turning the head to all direction is very easy.

Separable parts.

Very conventional neck joint is very useful even for a head bust display item.

No detail what so ever inside the head.

[Strike Freedom Gundam (Phase Shift armor off)]

Basically the same Strike Freedom Gundam shown above but painted in a different color scheme.

Bringing in my favorite three in this set in the next posting. ^^

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If you wanted to, could you panel line these? or do a bit of painting to bring out the detail on them?