Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nendoroid Tsuruya-san Part 2

Hyperactive maid at your service

A look at all the accessories and option parts of Nendoroid Tsuruya-san after the introduction yesterday.

All accessories and option parts.

2 maid costume arm parts and a V-sign right hand unit.

The plate has a very smooth surface, and is fixed to that particular right hand unit.

2 school uniform arm parts and leg parts.

Weird-looking hand gesture to pose as Yuki's mind-controlled puppet as seen in the show.

2 option face parts

Neck joint of the face parts

A dedicated slot behind the hair part to hold the maid headband.

A whole bunch of images featuring Tsuruya-san in maid costume:

The details on the back of the maid costume are very well done, despite being invisible most of the time thanks to Tsuruya-san's long hair. ^^;

Speaking of which, the hair part is really massive for Tsuruya-san. ^^

Swap between the arm parts

"We only serve fried noodle and pipe water, and the earlier is out of stock." ^^

Swap between face parts

"Business is very good today. We have too many Otakus who didn't mind paying for pipe water to serve." XD

Swap between the hand units.
Notice that the V-sign hand part is actually much larger than the closed fist.

"Sales target achieved!" ^^

The face part with a wicked look on it can of course be used with the maid costume, even though it's meant for Tsuruya-san in school costume.
A very evil-looking maid appears. ^^

"Guess what we put in the spaghetti before you ate it just now~"

"Nah, just kidding. One roach leg won't kill right?" ^^

Great fun with Nendoroid Tsuruya-san. ^^ My favorite expression of the figure is her laughing while posing with a V-sign. That's very nice and cute to see, and motivating as well I would say. ^^ The evil grin is pretty fun as well, since the context of her grin is really up to interpretation. XD

Also, in Nendoroid form, Tsuruya-san can match Ritsu in terms of the size of exposed forehead I think XD

Last posting on Nendoroid Tsuruya-san, featuring her as Yuki's mind-controlled puppet is next. ^^

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Why are you playing Girl's toys ? I don,t think real mens love these cute looking dolls XD Play BB gun or pet some animal instead !