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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Part 3 [Final]

Excellent details negate weaknesses in articulation

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech No. 001 Alien after the few ones shown in the previous posting.

Definitely not as agile and articulated as all the previous Revoltech figures reviewed on this blog, but articulation isn't what I'm looking for on this figure. The excellent sculpt details and paint work as mentioned yesterday are the real focus actually. Also, the articulation is not that good, but it's not bad per se, evidenced from the many action poses shown in this and the previous posting. Furthermore, as mentioned in Part 1, the creature didn't really move that much in the movie anyway, so limited articulation seems like a realistic realization of its image from the movie, even more better design would be desirable. ^^

On the other hand, the price of 2,850 Yen (inclusive of tax) for all the awesome details made Sci-fi Revoltech Alien seems like a really great bargain in my opinion. ^^

Some comments on the weaknesses of the articulation:

Even though there are 2 Revoltech joints inside the body, the bony parts on the spine prevents the figure from bending its body backward. So it's all forward bending only for it as shown in the previous posting.

The protruding part behind the neck is fixed, which is a major blockage for the head's movement. The figure cannot be posed tilting its head upward when it's facing the front at all. This limitation can be bypassed by turning the head to the side, avoiding the protruding part, but still ...

... the neck is too short to really allow the head to be adjusted upward anyway. ^^;
A small double Revoltech joint is not adequate for the task I would say. ^^;

The spine and the neck are two major limitations observed, but almost all the major joints are placed in really tight spots that limit their articulation range to some degree. To some extent, I think that the designer was trying to conceal all the joints used, or at least make them less visible by designing the parts around the joints to somewhat wrap around them. The most obvious ones would be the hip and knee joints: when the figure is posed standing straight, the Revoltech joints for those two areas are hidden pretty well. Very good for display, but not so good for articulation. ^^;

Weaknesses aside, the really awesome movable part on the figure is the tail. ^^

Made of soft plastic, the tail can be bent freely, and the motion created can be maintained as well. ^^ No joint used at all, but it moves so well. ^^

Not a movable component, but the egg's details are too awesome to have to be shown and talked about again. ^^

Realistic texture on semi-transparent material with gradient paint work for the body of the egg, organic-looking details of the base and the interior of the egg, and glossy paint done for the blood splash. I'll use the same comment I made in the posting yesterday: Disgusting but beautiful ^^

Like I said in Part 1 of this review series, I have very high regard for this figure. Priced and released as a regular action figure, but the quality presented really surpassed most regular action figures in my opinion. It's a really awesome item, and I really like it very much. ^^

In the words of Chris Walas, "Really cool!" ^^

Image is from this previous posting.

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