Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V Part 3

Tamama and Kururu

Time for Tamama and Kururu to take the spotlight in this review series. ^^

[Tamama and Tama Diver]

Box and package

Instruction on forming Tama Diver

Content for Tamama, including a runner of parts for the hand units and pedals of Tama Diver, and a sheet of sticker.

Nicely painted Tamama. His little tail is the highlight. ^^

Sticker are for the markings on the arms

Placing Tamama into the cockpit of his vehicle is just the same as the design for Giroro and Giro Driller shown in the previous posting.

All parts combine!

Tamama and Tama Diver ^^

Has wheels beneath the body to move like how you would expect from the toy meant for kids. ^^

[Kururu and Kuru Lander]

Box and package

Instruction on forming Kuru Lander

Content for Kururu, including a runner of parts for the very cartoon-like mechanical arms of Kuru Lander, and a sheet of sticker of course

Stickers are for the markings (supposedly lights ?) on the bottom corner of the vehicle on both sides.

Peg joints connect the left and right components. The function of the entire vehicle on Kerobot V is very obvious to tell looking at the joint design. ^^

Combine the different parts to form the vehicle.

Kururu and his signature "Ki-ki-ki-ki ...." pose XD

Placing Kururu into the cockpit of his vehicle.
Unlike the other vehicles, Kuru Lander has two cockpits for Kururu to pick from and sit in. ^^

Kuru Lander completed.

The wheels on both sides of the vehicle can of course move.

Very wide range of articulation for the mechanical arms.

Dororo and Doro Jetter is next. ^^

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