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RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke

This RAH is not that RAH

The (complete) lack of cutie after Nendoroid Chiaki Minami on my blog makes this review absolutely "necessary". XD

Reviews on figurines are pretty rare on my blog. ^^; The last large figurine reviewed, on Yamato's Hattori Kiriko Ninja Ver. was in mid October 2010. While I do consider gashapon releases of female characters as figurines, there's always this perception in me that larger figurine packed in equally large boxes with clear windows (like Max Factory's 1/8 Shenhua, Metamo Figure Haruhi and 1/8 Sheryl Nome) belong to a completely different product category that I'm not really into. ^^; I certainly love many releases from various figurine companies, but usually too to the point where I can't take my eyes off them and tell myself that I have to pay for them. ^^;

I most certainly appreciate that frail self-control's "contribution" to my wallet's preservation XD

This is Robot Anime Hero and Heroines (RAH) DX Lunamaria Hawke from Megahouse. ^^ The scale isn't explicitly mentioned anywhere on the box, but it should be 1/8.

On a quick separate note, before looking closely at what the series' name is referring to, I always wondered if there was any connection between this figurine line and Medicom Toy's RAH action figure series. Apparently not at all. ^^ RAH Chunli is Real Action Hero Chunli, not Robot Anime Hero and Heroines Chunli, obviously. XD

By today's standards, this is quite an old figurine - 6 years old to be exact. ^^; Just think about how long "Gundam SEED Destiny" has ended. In a few years time, it might even get its 10th Anniversary HD Remaster treatment like what "Gundam SEED" is experiencing now. ^^ It's definitely an old show, and this figure released during the time when the show is on, shares that old feel as well. ^^

For me however, it's still a very new item. I bought it off brand new from a local forum member who let it go at a really crazy low price (as compared to its original 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax) price tag). I really like the large size of this figurine as compared to the two from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 gashapon series, and of course the higher level of detailing on the figurine due to its size, but more importantly, I like Lunamaria Hawke ^o^

Apart from the figurine, the box's overall design is pretty amazing too. ^^

Front view of the box.

Scenes featuring Lunamaria, Lacus and Meer from the anime decorate the box's edges.

(Left) The seal of "Gundam SEED Destiny" - haven't seen that for a while. ^^
(Right) Names of this figurine line and the character.

Left side view of the box.

Image of the figurine and some more anime scenes. ^^

Right side view of the box.

Meer from the same figurine line and anime scene images featuring her can be seen.

Top and bottom views of the box.

The top box cover has more images of anime scenes featuring Lunamaria and Meer.

Full images of this figurine and Meer on the back of the box.

Like the concert dress version, the character's sexiness is Meer's key selling point. ^^

The figurine can be seen very clearly through the front window.

As with all the other large figurines in my collection, the no-out-of-cover policy applies for Lunamaria as well. However, the unsealed bottoms flaps allow me to pull the container out from the bottom of the box. ^^

A very simple orange backdrop.

Manufacturer's serial code inside the box.

The unsealed bottom flaps that can be opened up/reattached very easily plus the very thin paper box are perfect excuses for me to pull the container out from the box. XD I only did this once, with Metamo Figure Haruhi, but that was only because the box's front window is too difficult to unveiled. The box of 1/8 Sheryl Nome's has unsealed flaps as well I believe, but the paper's nature is hard. Forcing the flaps open might damage the box, so I didn't bother trying that at all in the review.

The tray and cover that sandwich the figurine are still intact, sealed nicely with simple paper tapes, which obviously shows that the figurine has never been opened before. Then again, that put a stop on how much I can unpack for it as well. ^^;

Anyway, here are a bunch of closeups on the figurine, behind its container.

The emblem of "Gundam SEED Destiny" is molded on the display base's surface.

Pretty similar to Type A of her "miniature" version from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 gashapon set, the helmet can be shown attached to Lunamaria's right hand, or being worn on her head, most probably via a bit of part-swapping with her hair part. As the figure will remain sealed in the container, I won't be trying that out. ^^;

The painting applied to the 1/100 scale pilot figure of Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam was a really delicate work, which made me realize how colorful these pilot suit for ZAFT mobile suit pilots can be. This can be seen pretty well on Lunamaria Type A from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 gashapon set, but as the details get magnified on this RAH DX version, complete with much more accurate and richer overall colors, this is definitely a great figurine to me.

Then again, I have to say, my liking towards the character makes all other elements of this figurine seem like bonus features that add more values instead. XD

On the other hand, for your information, this is actually the third version of Lunamaria in Megahouse's RAH DX series. The first two were released in February and October of 2005 respectively. To differentiate between the figurines, they all have different costume designs: the first release showed Lunamaria in ZAFT uniform. The second version, called Ver. 2 features the character in her undershirt with her ZAFT uniform held in one hand. This third version is obviously Lunamaria in her ZAFT pilot suit, but following the "imaginative design logic" observable from the change in costume design from the first release to Ver. 2, maybe there was a Ver. 4 planned, which probably depicts Lunamaria in a half removed pilot suit tucked at her waist, much like Type B of her "miniature" version from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 gashapon set. ^^

I have Ver. 2 actually, which will be reviewed some time not so soon from now. ^^

So, there'll definitely be more Lunamarias to come up on my blog in the future. ^^

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