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Pokepla Pikachu Part 2 [Final]

Part 2 and completely done

Assembling Pokepla Pikachu after the introduction yesterday. ^^

This will be the first completion of a model kit since 1/48 scale Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base back in February. ^^;

All 28 parts to form Pikachu. ^^

Very accurate part separation that allows the stripes on the back and the brown segment of the tail to be realized through model kit parts instead of sticker pieces. ^^

The same can be said about the eyes, cheeks and mouth which are formed from two black and red parts stuck behind the face. ^^
The seamless connection between all the parts to realize the rounded and creature-like aesthetics of the face is really fun to see. ^^

The "major components" formed from the parts shown above.

The specific reason behind the large pictures of the parts mentioned about the instruction manual in the previous posting: the parts shown are actually in real scale for the most accurate size reference when assembling the parts! ^^

The body and neck joint of Pikachu.

The rod that formed the neck joint is actually fixed to the body unit and doesn't move at all. Instead, the head will swivel around on this rod instead. ^^

The neck joints' assembly can be considered the most "difficult" step for the entire kit because of how similar the parts look.
Images above show the right placement of the joints for the left and right ears respectively.

A look at how Pikachu's linked movement gimmick works: when the head is turned, one of the ears' ball-type joints will be forced to the back of the neck joint, causing that particular ear to "stand up" above its head; simultaneously, the other joint will be forced to slide up a "slope" (indicated by the red lines in the image above), causing that ear to swivel downward.
Simple, but very effective in execution. ^^

Testing out the linked movement gimmick with the neck joints. ^^

The head and body is completed.

With the ears, limbs and tail attached, Pokepla Pikachu is done. ^^

A super-simple but definitely very enjoyable assembly it was for this kit. ^^ More images of the just completed model kit of Pikachu:

Closeups on the details:

A look at Pikachu's limited articulation design, starting with the head's linked movement gimmick: ^^

With the head facing forward, both ears are in "standby mode". XD

Rightward turn for the head causes the left ear to be lifted while the right ear to be folded downward.

Leftward turn for the head causes the left ear to be tilted downward while the right ear to stand up.

Limited range of forward and backward swings for the arms.
Pikachu's feet are fixed to the bottom of his body, so they don't move at all. ^^;

The tail can swivel from side to side.

Only a few poses are possible for Pikachu from the adjustments to his extremely limited posable components: ^^

Action poses are clearly not the emphasis of this model kit at all, which is completely understandable. The overall design is more or less just for the novelty of getting a representation of Pikachu through model kit assembly, instead of actually creating one that can mimic its action as seen in the cartoon series. Looking at the completed kit from that perspective, I think the design is great. ^^ The lack of visible joints and accurate color separation for the parts gives the model kit a very smooth look, and it definitely looks very close to the character. ^^

The linked movement gimmick is not too special once you understand how the parts work, but it's indeed well executed and is quite fun to play with. ^^ I do find myself twisting Pikachu's head around for a while after completing the kit for no reason. XD For the model kit itself, the bright yellow molded color for majority of the parts and the super large size of the head and body parts are what I enjoyed the most about this kit. ^^ I really really see such vibrant shade of yellow on many of the model kits I have in my collection, so it's quite a refreshing color to me. The brightness of the color also made the assembly process delightful. ^^ At the same time, it's rare getting parts so big with no panel lining work needed for them, so the super large size of a few of the parts certainly contributed to the fun in assembling this kit as well. ^^

Size comparison with a few collectibles reviewed in the past:

With the very recently reviewed "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime.

With Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition reviewed last November.

Very small, very simple to assemble, but definitely a fun model kit this is. ^^ The special linked movement gimmick of the head may be the initial attraction of this kit, but to me, the enjoyment of its part design and color, as well as the assembly process itself are the factors which make it a really interesting and fun kit to have. ^^

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