Friday, July 12, 2013

Figma R. Dorothy Wayneright Part 4 [Final]

Just average, just nice

More action poses from Figma R. Dorothy Wayneright after the previous posting. ^^

Some of the poses shown are just following the official product images of Dorothy on the back of her box. I found myself already running out of idea on adjusting action poses for the figure almost right after the previous posting. ^^; Working with very limited number of option parts is actually a minor issue when compared to figuring out poses that aren't too awkward to match with Dorothy's void of emotion on her face. ^^;

Size comparison with Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. since her box was featured for the same purpose back in Part 1:

Haruhi is evidently "bigger" than Dorothy, but both of them are actually accurate to their individual proportion.

The difference in their individual proportion is best represented by their legs I suppose. ^^

Dorothy's height of 5'3" makes her an inch taller than Haruhi actually, ^^ so a "direct" size comparison between the two figures as shown in the images above is definitely not the right way to go to show the connection between the two characters. ^^ Furthermore, since Dorothy is not from the same show as Haruhi, or any other characters released in the Figma line before her, there's obviously no obligation for her to be made in compatible scale to those figures. ^^

A very nice action figure representation of Dorothy from "The Big O" this is. She's accurately plain in details, and quite average in posability. I can imagine fans of the anime series wanting to get her because of the liking towards the story and the character herself. But is this recommendable to folks who are new to Figma? or to those who emphasize product uniqueness above mere support for the characters? My answer would be no. ^^; Objectively speaking, the figure isn't outstanding in any area, but I still like her very much, simply for the liking of the character it's based on. ^^

Finally, an "obligatory" guest appearance of Soul of Chogokin GX-48 The Big O to give Figma Dorothy a proper sendoff at the end of her review series. XD

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Haine said...

I have it! And really like it, love the show.
I really wish to buy Roger Smith from figma to pose with she.
Greetings from Argentina.
(sorry for my bad english) XD