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Voice I-doll Superior Lunamaria Hawke Part 2 [Final]

A base that can hold more than just the figurine

After a visit to Sunday Movie Theater, the review on Voice I-doll Superior Lunamaria Hawke resumes, ^^ with the focus now shifts to its special display base after the long introduction. ^^

The box must be opened in order for the display base to be removed.

The figurine's box is opened up from its bottom.

The content without the box.

Since the figurine is now out of the box, here's a couple of clearer shots of Lunamaria without the box. ^^

Closeups on the nice detailing of her face. ^^

A look at the special display base:

The base placed beneath the figurine is actually stored separately from even the plastic tray that hold the figurine. That's definitely convenient in allowing the base to be removed without even touching the figurine. ^^

From beneath the base comes a customer feedback/survey form of some sort.

The instruction sheet.

Basic instructions on putting in the batteries and how to turn on the base are shown.

A list of all 10 spoken phrases which are also shown on the back of the figurine's box is repeated on this instruction sheet.

A very polygonal design for the entire base.

Closeups on the details.

A pair of AA batteries needed to power the base.

The power switch is located right behind the base.

Trying out the ten buttons one by one to activate the each of the spoken phrase. ^^
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

For your information, the ten spoken phrases are:

(1) From Episode 15: 無視しないで下さいよぉ。
"Please don't ignore me"
(2) From Episode 17: 言いたいことがあるんなら言えばぁ。ガキっぽ過ぎるよ、そんなの。
"Why don't you just tell him what you have on your mind. That's too childish of you."
(3) From Episode 18: ...あたし、予防線、張られた?
"Did he just ignore me?"
(4) From Episode 21: 隊長はもう良いですもんねぇ、ラクス様と十分ゆっくりされて。
"The commander is alright. After all, he already spent a lot of time togther with Lacus."
(5) From Episode 21: 女でも叩きます?
"Will you hit a woman too?"
(6) From Episode 38: ルナマリア・ホーク、コアスプレンダー、行くわよ!
"Lunamaria Hawke, Core Splendor, here I go!"
(7) From Episode 38: 忘れてたぁ? 私も赤なのよ。
"Did you forget? I'm a red too."
(8) From Episode 38: やれる... あたしだって!!
"I can do it. I can do it too."
(9) Original Voice: こんな気持ち、あなただけよ。
"Feeling like this, is just for you."
(10) Original Voice: 元気だして! あなたならできるわ!
"Cheer up! You can do it!"

As you can listen from the video clip embedded above, the phrases can be heard loud and clear. Maaya Sakamoto certainly did a great job when she recorded all the lines above I think. You can sense the emotion of Lunamaria in each of her spoken phrases very easily without support from any visual image depicting the scene where those lines originated from. For example, the slight annoyance in Line 1 and self-confidence in Line 7. ^^

Then again, I don't think the audio function would be fun anymore if it's being activated on a regular basis. ^^; I don't mind having an alarm clock with recorded lines from Lunamaria waking me up every morning (XD), but hearing a girl throwing out the same 10 anime-related lines without any context can become annoying, no matter how much I like the character of Lunamaria. ^^; For this review, I tried out the base's audio function about twice and that was it. ^^

On the other hand, when the base is not used by the figurine, as shown in this posting, its large size is sufficient to allow it to support the display of other items. ^^

No problem as the base to support five gashapon-sized figurines, including the recently reviewed Character Studio figurine.

The base is large enough for a 1/100 scale Gunpla to be displayed on top of it as well. ^^
Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam is the "exclusive" kit to be using the base at the moment, in before I decide to get 1/100 Gunner Zaku Warrior to go with it. ^^

Despite the uniqueness of the display base, I think I actually like the figurine better when the two components that make up this product are compared. The display base is very special for its audio function, but when you eventually become used to the ten spoken lines, the freshness and uniqueness of the base are no longer there. It would still be fun to activate the audio gimmick on an irregular basis though. ^^

On the other hand, I really like the figurine design. The high quality of the sculpt work, expression design, paint work and detailing mentioned in Part 1 makes this perhaps the best large-sized figurine of Lunamaria in my collection I think. ^^ With that said, since the focus of this item to me is the figurine, the base seems like a bonus component with very unique features. In that sense, it's definitely an awesome accessory included for the figurine. ^^

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