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HG 1/144 Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom Part 10 [Final]

The Exia connection

Back to the review on HG 1/144 Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom with its final posting, focusing on even more action poses of the kit in MS form after Part 8. ^^

Supported using Action Base 2.

Apart from the unique left spread palm mentioned in Part 8, the versatile weapon combination provides plenty of options in the adjustment of action poses on this kit. ^^ The Blade Rifle can be shown in two modes without the missile launcher, and the missile launcher itself can be posed with either hand unit as a separate weapon. With it attached, the Blade Rifle can be shown being held with both hands. With two open fists given, there are many ways to play around with the rifle, missile launcher and the Sonic Blade (Plasma Sword) to create some really nice action poses on this kit. ^^

Another point I didn't mentioned in Part 8 is the benefit of the adjustable heels. ^^ As shown during their assembly in Part 5, the heels can be hinged downward on the back of the feet. Like the waist hinge mentioned in Part 7, this too is a bonus articulation point, since there's no real application of it in either MS or MA mode. It's very handy in action pose adjustment though, as the heels help to provide ample support for the feet to keep the model kit stable. ^^

Lastly, a comparison with the MS this particular version of AEU Enact Custom is closely linked to in the anime series: ^^

With HG 1/144 Gundam Exia

Despite having a relatively shorter torso than Gundam Exia, AEU Enact Custom is much taller - Gundam Exia stands just slightly above its chest it seems. ^^ The long slender legs of AEU Enact Custom which measure to about the same height as Gundam Exia's waist are unbelievably amazing in that sense. ^^

Realizing the box art action pose. ^^

I haven't adjusted any duel scene in any of my reviews since the last posting on Revoltech Griffon back in April this year. ^^; Realizing the duel between Ali al-Saachez's Customized AEU Enact Custom and Gundam Exia certainly adds a lot of characteristics to both kits, especially for the former, since that fateful meeting with the Gundam as seen in Episode 6 "Seven Swords" (and part of Episode 7 "Unrewarded Souls") featured the most prominent appearance of this version of AEU Enact Custom before Ali upgraded to the red Agrissa type.

Overall, a very unique and fun High Grade kit this is. ^^ Its dark blue color scheme and fierce-looking head design are the main appealing factors to me, but the very slender overall design, aerodynamic look of its MA mode and wide range of action poses make me like it even more. ^^ Looking at the all positive outcomes of this kit, I'm really looking forward to working on Overflag now. ^^

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