Saturday, August 17, 2013

Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. Part 2

Mixture of anime look and elegance that actually works

More images of Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. after the long introduction in the previous posting. ^^

There's no peg slot on Miku's back to connect to the Figma stand. Instead, the peg from the stand can be connected to the back of Miku's belt (?) to hold the figure.

Closeups on the details:






Even for plain display, this is a very beautiful and elegant figure. ^^ Beautiful is an adjective I frequently use to describe figurines and action figures, but not elegant. ^^ The overall cohesive color scheme, gradient paint work on the limbs and clear teal parts for her pigtails immediate stick out as really special features on this figure, and because of their well execution, they make this a very beautiful figure. On the other hand, the really cool look of the entire figure due to the combination of all the design elements gives it a sense of elegance in my opinion. ^^ More interestingly, the default anime look of Miku on the figure seems to blend in nicely with that elegant look. ^^ An option face part featuring a more mature look for Miku is included, but her teal pupils and subtle smile look cohesive enough with the rest of the figure and to support the aforementioned elegant look. ^^

All in all, without going into the details, the special "awakening" option parts and posability, this is already a great-looking figure for display I think. ^^

There's no way to skip the mentioning of the paint work on this figure. ^^ The gradient paint work on Miku's pigtails, gloves and stockings is absolutely beautiful. ^^ The pigtails are evidently molded in clear teal parts and then painted teal for the top section. Clear teal is a very beautiful color to begin with, the paint work on the parts that blends in very well with the existing clear blue is clever and exceptionally well done. I think subtle would be a pretty good word to describe the paint work on the pigtails as well, since you'll need to observe the parts very closely to find the exact edge between the clear and painted parts. ^^ In the end, that doesn't really matter because the overall outcome is beautiful as it is. ^^ The color shades on Miku's gloves and stockings can be differentiated more easily, but it's still their overall gradient paint work that makes the parts look really beautiful. ^^

Also, the fact that the paint work is on an action figure just makes it even more impressive. It's observable that due to the paint work near the elbow area, a pair of gray Figma joints are used for the elbows, while for the knees, a pair of black joints are implemented as the gradient paint work was only applied to the thighs. The teal joints for Miku's pigtails look pretty nice as well. ^^ On the subject of cohesive overall look of the figure mentioned earlier on, the colors of the joints certainly do their parts on the matter. ^^

There are also tons of minor details to be seen on this figure as well. The pink details of her hair clips, printed patterns on both sides of her waist, minor teal and pink details on her gloves, stockings and waist attachment, and "Crypton" printed on her left ankle band are all nicely executed details that again, blends in well with the overall look of the figure. Minor shades of pink on various parts are tributes connecting this Append version with the original design I suppose, since the color doesn't connect with the rest of the figure's paint scheme. While I think the color does little to invoke the connection with the original Hatsune Miku, it certainly adds some special visual elements to the figure, but because the color's involvement is little, the pink details don't look out of place at all. In the end, it still fits in with the overall look of the figure very well. ^^

A look at the figure's option parts and articulation design next. ^^

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