Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. Part 4

Miku Append

Some action poses of Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. and her special "Awakening" pose configuration in this posting. ^^

Parts for Miku's "Awakening" pose, which were previewed in the previous posting.

The abdomen piece with the Curved up stripe.

Rear view of the part.
For being able to completely cover up the base color in front of the part, the white paint work is really well done. ^^

The existing waist part must be detached first in order to swap between the abdomen parts.

Pretty simple Gunpla-like part reassembly to get the new abdomen on Miku. ^^

A pair of upper arm parts with opened up side patches.

Miku's "01" tattoo is printed very clearly on the left part. The numbering is the easiest way to identify which side the parts are for as well. ^^

The pair of clear "pins" on each upper arm are detached before the parts are swapped onto the figure.

Swapped the new upper arms onto the existing forearms of Miku.

Miku with a pair of new upper arms. ^^

A pair of waist parts with curved up stripes and clear flower petal-like attachments near the edge.

The new waist parts are attached to the figure via the default pair of clear ball-type joints.

Miku's new "tail". ^^
Contrary to obvious assumption, it's actually made of hard plastic and isn't meant to be bent.

Tiny but accurate silver paint work for the tip of the tail.

The clip that connects the tail to the back of Miku's waist attachment completely covers up the peg hole used to mount the figure onto the Figma stand as shown in Part 2.

The new tail on Miku. ^^

While the included Y-clip shown in the previous posting can be used to mount the figure onto the Figma stand now that the original peg slot is blocked, I chose to use the gripper-type clip from di:Stage Basic Set Black ver. for the convenience of attaching/detaching the figure to/from the stand. ^^

More images of Miku in her "Awakening" form:

The "Awakening" pose:

Visually, some of the special design elements like the protruding stripe on the abdomen, the tail, and the clear petals on the waist parts are pretty unique-looking on Miku in this "Awakening" form, but overall, the new parts don't seem to really alter the original look and feel of Miku in a drastic fashion. In the end, the "Awakening" form is more or less just a special gimmick of the figure, one that doesn't make it anymore outstanding than it already is in my opinion. ^^;

Furthermore, given how massive those pigtails are on Miku, I don't think I want to constantly show them dangling upward for the special pose to preserve the durability of the Figma joints. ^^; The "unnatural" distribution of weight definitely put pressure on Miku's neck joint as well, which consists of just a single Figma joint. ^^; As beautiful as it is, the "Awakening" pose is not too "healthy" for Miku, at least in this Figma format. XD

More images of Miku coming up in the next posting. ^^

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The Mountie From Hell said...

Why is it called Awakening mode when her eyes are closed?