Friday, August 23, 2013

Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. Part 6 [Final]

Gunpla Figma crossover

Last round of action poses from Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver. to start off this last posting of the review series. ^^

The clear teal part of Miku's pigtail gave me an idea on how to create a more outstanding appearance for the figure. ^^

The green light from Bandai's Lightning Base Plate Type Green Ver. seems to compliment the color scheme of Miku very well. ^^

There's no way to mount the Figma stand to the lighting base actually. I just stacked the latter over the Figma base with Miku hanging on top of it so that the figure can be shown floating above the lighting base. ^^

To date, this Append version is the only Figma Hatsune Miku in my collection, although I do have quite a few variations of her in Nendoroid format. ^^ Still, when it comes to figures with massive pigtails, she isn't the only one on the list. ^^ The most recently reviewed Figma figure who can match Miku in that matter would have to be BRS2035 I think. ^^

Miku wins easily in the realm of pigtail size I suppose. XD Drossel would be another Figma figure in my collection who seems suitable to be compared to Miku when it comes to pigtail "business", but I wonder if those are technically pigtails to begin with on Drossel. ^^;

Lastly, a group shot of Miku with a different design version of her in Nendoroid format: the Absolute HMO Edition. ^^

Disregarding the scale and size, the two Mikus have very contrasting feel to their respective design. ^^ A sense of serenity can be associated with the cool-looking Miku Append; while the Absolute HMO Edition seems to convey the mood of joy and playfulness. The same characters are playing different roles for the different design versions. ^^

I really like this Figma figure. ^^ Like my comments about her in Part 2, this is a very beautifully painted figure that can be described as elegant for her overall image. While she's capable of a wide range of posability through her rather standard Figma-type articulation design, her beautiful, cohesive color scheme which gives her a really cool look is what I like the most about this Figma figure. For that, a simple standing pose is perfectly acceptable to me as a nice way in showing off this Figma figure. That simplicity seems to fit her cool image as well. ^^

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