Sunday, August 4, 2013

Keropla God Keron Part 36

Thanks for the stability; no thanks for the limitation on articulation

Giroro Robo Mk-II in action after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Given that the shoulder and arm articulation design is identical to that on Tamama Robo Mk-II, the limitations as seen on that kit are unfortunately inherited by Giroro Robo Mk-II as well. ^^; Then again, I didn't feel too badly about the shoulder articulation this time, most probably because I understood its issues during the assembly process, thanks to my prior experience with Tamama Robo Mk-II of course. On the other hand, I don't have high expectation for action poses from a pair of cannon-turret equipped arms to begin with. XD

The thank thread feet also posed limitations to the overall posability of this kit. Being tank threads, their large size gives Giroro a superb stability in standing poses. ^^ However, being tank threads again, some of the action poses that can be performed easily by Keroro Robo Mk-II and Tamama Robo Mk-II, like sitting down and kneeling are not possible on this kit. ^^;

Then again, looking at the super weird design of Kururu Robo Mk-II, I wonder if normal poses even work on that kit when it's assembled in the future. XD

Comparison with Keroro Robo Mk-II and Tamama Robo Mk-II:

The team to form God Keron is getting more and more colorful as new members are being rolled out. ^^

Giroro Robo Mk-II's transformation to its mobile tank mode coming up in the next posting. ^^

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