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Banpresto's Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S Roy Focker's Unit Part 7

Battroid mode's counterattack

Moving on to show why Banpresto's Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S Roy Focker's Unit is more than just a figure designed for the novelty of transformation, as the review series has come to its final stage. ^^

The FAST Pack components on the Battroid mode are detached first so that the figure's articulation design can be shown without causing too much stress on the existing joints during the process.

Despite having a ball-type joint for its neck (see Part 2), the head is only capable of swivelling from side to side. The joint is just too stiff for the head to be bent upward/downward. ^^

Then again, using the hinge joint in front of the head that is meant for transformation, the head can be "shown" to be tilted backward.
From this angle, the movement seems alright; but looking at the figure from the front, the head would seem like it has collapsed into the chest. ^^;

As shown back in Parts 1 and 3, the beam cannons can swivel around on the sides of the head.

The puny pair of shoulder hinges are the most heavy-duty joints on this figure. ^^; Their roles in Gerwalk and fighter mode transformation aside, they allow the shoulders to be bent forward for a slight degree in Battroid mode.

Closeup on the ball-type joint behind the shoulder.

Due to the way the shoulders fold up during transformation (see Part 3), they can bend backward for a wider range than to the front.

The ball-type joints also allow the arms to swing forward and backward, and quite easily too I should add.

The upper arm can swivel around the shoulders.

Close to 90 degrees for the elbow bend.

Much like the neck joint mentioned earlier on, even though the wrist uses a ball-type joint for its articulation (see Part 2), the tightness (and shortness ^^;) of the joint only allow the hand to swivel around the wrist.

The two prongs that form the hip joints can be stretched to expand the legs. A great deal of caution is needed so that they are not broken during that process.

Like the shoulder joints, the hip joints are also of ball-type, allowing the thighs to be flipped inward/outward.

The two prongs can compliment the hips' movements in Battroid mode, but only to a limited degree as bending them forward would also caused the chest panel to be pushed upward.

Much wider range of movements for the hips, thanks to the hinges mentioned above. The extended hip movement is more flexible than my initial expectation of the figure really. ^^

Apart from the Gerwalk mode's inverted bend as shown in Parts 3 and 6, the figure's knee can be bent in a "conventional" manner like all humanoid action figures. ^^

As shown in its Gerwalk mode, the ankles can be hinged forward and backward.

Some of the Battroid Mode's articulation capabilities are well expected, as they are inherited directly from the figure's transformation design. However, there are some joints or articulation points that are pretty impressive, and seem to be included exclusively for the Battroid mode's posability, namely the hips' forward bend, and the knees' backward bend. ^^ While they are somewhat limited in their respective movement range, which is true for most of the joints on this figure, ^^; their inclusion and basic functionality are evidences that this prize item is not designed merely for the novelty of transformation, but it's actually capable of some action poses. ^^ On that note, since the figure has three forms thanks to its transformation design, plus another three forms with the FAST Pack equipped, there are certainly many ways to pose this figure for display. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

The shoulders and arms can be adjusted to show the figure holding its gun pod with two hands. Very nice. ^^

The same pose can be realized on the Gerwalk as well. ^^

Also, with the Gerwalk mode angled to the top, the imbalanced weight distribution allows the figure to be supported using a single display stand. ^^

Like the Gerwalk mode shown right above it, the imbalanced weight distribution resulting from the fighter mode's pose means that a single display stand is enough to support it. It's quite an achievement considering how two stands were needed to hold it in this mode (see Part 4). ^^

With the FAST Pack on, finding a point on the figure for the display stand to be equipped to it becomes an issue. ^^;

The pose might seems stiff, but the strength of the shoulder joint in supporting the gun pod-equipped outstretched right arm is very impressive in my opinion. ^^

More action poses of this Macross figure in different configurations coming up in the next posting, which will be the last one for this review series. ^^

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