Thursday, September 19, 2013

Banpresto's Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S Roy Focker's Unit Part 1

Commemorative item from the previous anniversary celebration

A new review series after the completion of BB Senshi Sangokuden Moukaku Gundam, on a really interesting and special action figure. ^^

From Banpresto, this is Perfect Transformation Strike Valkyrie VF-1S/J/A. That's the official item name shown on the box. but since the figure is evidently VF-1S in Roy Focker's color scheme, I used that indication as part of this posting's title instead. The introduction on the figure's list of accessories and option parts in the next posting will reveal why all three unit variation codes is shown in the item name.

While I only managed to pick this item up in August last year, it's actually a vintage item. ^^ As you can see in the image above, a label on the top right corner of the box indicates that it was meant for Macross 20th Anniversary celebration, which was more than ten years ago. ^^; In terms of timing, it would be more appropriate if this figure was reviewed last year when it was the 30th Anniversary of Macross, but I did review the Revoltech version of this mecha, so I didn't feel like pushing out another review series that would be about the same mecha again. Setting the review to this month would be "oddly" appropriate in my opinion, since the 1/72 scale plamo version of this mecha is coming out from Bandai Hobby Division. ^^ There's one super new VF-1S to be seen in the market, and there's one super old release to be seen on this blog. XD

The "Perfect Transformation" title in this item's name was the figure's immediate point of interest to me when I saw it being offered by a local online forum member. ^^ As a prize item, I would be impressed (but perhaps not wanting to buy it XD) if the figure contains certain part-swapping for its transformation. Yet, very "boldly", its design is labelled as "Perfect" instead. ^^ When I first saw that, I felt tempted to get it right away just to see how "perfect" the transformation design really is. ^^ Before obtaining this figure, only the larger 1/60 scale releases with metal parts from Bandai and Yamato carry that title (perfect transformation - 完全変形), so it'll definitely be very exciting to see how this little prize item is going to realize that design feature. ^^

(Left) The Macross 20th Anniversary emblem. ^^
(Right) Copyright label of Big West Advertising Co. Ltd., the main sponsor of the Macross franchise.

The figure itself, which occupies the center-most portion of the box, can be seen clearly through the front window.
All the option parts have their designated codes and name shown, a design that is very reminiscent of that on old-school Chogokin toy figures. ^^

Simple design style for the sides, top and bottom. ^^

Introduction of the figure's three modes is shown on the back of the box.

(Left) Head units of the VF-1 variants are shown.
(Right) Different decals depicting different origins of the units are also shown.

Made in 2002, an eleven-year-old figure this is by today's standard. ^^

Comparison of the box with that of Revoltech Ingram Unit 2.

Comparison of the box with that of Revoltech VF-1S Strike Valkyrie.

Box open.

Top view of the box content.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the box content.

Small containers holding more option parts are taped to the bottom face behind the tray.

The folded instruction sheet on the figure's transformation.

Just one page on the instruction sheet showing the Gerwalk and Fighter mode's transformation, and configurations of the FAST pack.

Two containers of option parts from the back of the tray.

A straight out of box display of VF-1S Valkyrie in Battroid mode.
Some parts needed to be adjusted to realize the mecha's actual look. ^^;

A panel behind the head is flipped to the top, followed by the entire backpack. With the backpack out of way, the wings can then be folded inward properly.

The two pairs of thruster nozzles are expanded to turn them into proper-looking feet for the figure.

The beam cannons are swivelled slightly to the back.

A more "presentable" display for VF-1S Valkyrie in Battroid mode is set after the adjustments shown above. ^^

As you can see, the figure is missing its iconic canopy cover with the skull crest. It's actually one of the option parts that needs to be attached onto the figure in Battroid mode, then removed in Fighter and Gerwalk modes. More of that part, alongside other accessories and option parts will be shown in the next posting.

With that missing canopy cover, the figure is no longer "perfect" in its transformation, If I really were to nitpick on its name. XD

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