Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 Part 4

Extra effort on parts already full of details

With all the limb parts covered in the previous two postings, the entire work on this Real Grade kit is 50 percent to completion I would say. ^^

The focus is now on the body and waist. ^^

Detailing for the main armor parts of the body.

Normal panel liner was used to detail these parts as the thicker, more obvious-looking lines would be more outstanding on the completed model. The parts are larger and have wider areas for the panel liner tip to move around more easily as well.

Parts that were detailed mainly using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

The beam saber handles may be easy to detail using the panel lining solution, but cleaning up just the excess paint and not the details I need proved to be quite difficult. I think I ended up using a normal panel liner to get all the details right for these two parts.
Another pair of beam saber handles were grouped with the weapons, so the troublesome work would need to be repeated. ^^;

The thrusters may be easy to detail using the panel lining solution, but holding them still to clean off excess paint wasn't easy. ^^;

The vent areas of the chest inner frame part were painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Given the model's scale, very little of the golden vent details are going to be seen when the kit is completed, but the details are there. ^^

A piece of silver foil sticker was used to realized the small cockpit hatch section of the Core Block.

Some tiny dot details on the Advanced MS Joint part of the upper body were painted using normal pen to allow them to be seen more easily.

Plenty of parts but with rather simple detailing work required for the waist and skirt armor.

Parts done using normal panel liner.

Parts that were detailed using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

Some of the parts had detailing applied to their different sides.

Minor panel lining on the inner frame and yellow skirt armor parts.

Rather simple panel lining for the Core Fighter parts.

The three white body and two wing parts feature the most panel lining work for the entire Core Fighter, but I find holding the parts in place to do the panel lining to be more difficult than the actual work itself. ^^;

The wheels were painted black using normal marker. The rims were then painted silver using normal pen.

While the Real Grade series is outstanding for its kits' abundance in molded details, I could still find some areas to insert some of my own extra paint work and detailing, just for fun and personal preference. ^^

Will be covering the work on the weapon parts next. ^^

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