Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gundam Construction Scene Part 4

Body lift [胴体吊り上げ] 2

Continuing with the review on the third pack from the Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ) gashapon set after the previous posting. ^^

Getting all the parts ready to form the mini diorama. ^^

The torso, and crane unit are pegged into their respective slots on top the base.

The crane arm is positioned directly above the torso.

The hanger is clipped onto the groove above the shoulder area on either side of the torso.
The connection is very tight, so it's obvious that the length of fork hanger was designed to precisely match the connection to the torso. ^^

Everything is connected so tightly that nothing feels loose even when the base is flipped upside down. ^^

The right foot, and the two figurines are arranged on top the base as decorative items to complete the diorama. ^^

All done for the third mini diorama. ^^

More images of this mini diorama:

Closeups on the details:

Thanks to the torso, this third mini diorama turns out to be the most colorful one in the entire set - it's the only pack that features parts in blue. ^^ Besides colors, the torso module has very elaborate molded details, and markings to make the component stands out even more on the base. ^^ Then again, the focus on the torso feels a bit "unfair" to this particular individual pack, ^^; as the component's colors, and details can still be appreciated when the statue is completed. As shown in the previous posting, the mini base has some interesting molded details on its own, and the crane assembly seems pretty unique as well - at least it's not another set of construction platforms, or similar decorative structures as seen in the first, and second set respectively. ^^

Comparison with the first set: Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬]:

Seeing the two mini dioramas next to one another, I kind of hope that some kind of linking mechanism was installed in the first place, so that the bases can be combined to form a giant replica of the entire construction site, with the actual display platform of the statue placed in the middle of them. ^^ For display, the mini dioramas work fine, but due to their elevated bases, it's very obvious that they are meant to be shown individually. ^^

On the other hand, I forgot to include BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2 for comparison this time. ^^; It will make a comeback for the fourth pack. ^^

Will be opening another box from this gashapon set in the future, but not so soon. ^^

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