Friday, January 16, 2015

Transformers Masterpiece Streak Part 4

Balance, and details

More images of Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece MP-18 Streak after the introduction of its transformation design in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:










From a very sleek-looking '80s sport car, Streak transforms into a very well-proportioned, nicely detailed Transformers figure. ^^ From the side, the protruding front bumper which forms the chest is obvious, but its black color seems to be helping to conceal that look from the front, so it doesn't look too obtrusive overall. ^^ The blocky legs may be a bit weird at first, but besides being pretty accurate to the character design (more so for MP-17 Prowl), their appearance matches the lower legs anyway. Plus, after looking at them for a while, I think I've accepted their look as one of Streak's unique visual points as well. ^^ Overall, it's a very nice robot mode design in my opinion. ^^

While having a smooth appearance is the design emphasis of the vehicle mode, the robot mode gets to show off plenty of mechanical details. I really like the details on the torso, behind the clear parts on the backpack, and around the legs. Some of the components' detail placement is really clever I think, for example the bar piece from the car hood that is folded beneath the windscreen. There are elaborate mecha details on that plate that were incorporated just so that they can be seen through the windshield, which adds a great deal of depth to the overall design of the figure. The same can be said about the red parts with molded details behind the rear windshield that forms the shins. Those parts are really just for decoration, but I'm glad that they were included to beef up the look of the legs. ^^ The more I examine the figure, the more details I discover, which is really fun. ^^

A look at the articulation design of Transformers Masterpiece Streak in the next posting. ^^

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