Monday, December 28, 2015

MG V Gundam Ver. Ka Part 4

Creating some hidden surprises

Continuing the work on Master Grade V Gundam Ver. Ka after the previous posting. ^^

Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) is used on the Core Fighters' wing and tail parts.

With excessive panel liner solution rubbed away using cotton swab soaked with thinner, and with additional line details added the usual way. ^^

Optional paint work: the thrusters parts can be painted to give them a more impressive look.

As with the thruster on the rear skirt armor.

(Left) The square tabs that would form the thrusters' interior are painted black using normal marker to emulate depth.
(Right) The tabs are painted on the side as well to completely cover up the molded color.

The wall inside the thruster nozzles are painted red using Mr. Gundam Color UG04 MS Red Semi Gloss.

Excessive red paint over the edges of the Core Fighter thrusters is scratched away using a knife.
Test fitting the painted parts to see how the thrusters would turn out when assembled. ^^

The interior of the rear skirt armor thruster is painted black using normal marker.

The rest of the parts for the Core Fighters and those from the shoulder armors are detailed using a combination of normal panel liner and Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

(Left) The two protruding white pegs from shoulder armor part seem a bit too obvious hen assembled with the frame piece. ^^;
(Right) The protruding areas on all four parts are covered up using Gundam Marker Gray.

(Left) Since the interior of the Core Fighter's and rear skirt armor's thrusters were painted black just now, the same should apply for the shoulder thrusters/vents as well.
(Right) The thruster section on the frame part is painted black using Gundam Marker black.

(Left) The interior of the beam saber hatch would seem a bit plain if left unpainted. ^^;
(Right) The part is shown to be without any paint work in the instruction manual though.

(Left) The targeted area is painted gray using Gundam Marker to link its look to the inner frame.
(Right) With excessive red paint over the edges scratched away using a knife and additional details added using normal panel liner.

Normal panel lining for the arm, foot, and beam rifle parts.

The beam rifle seems to have two targeting sensors: the larger clear part for the complete rifle and a smaller dark gray part for the beam gun.

The smaller scope is painted using normal metallic green paint, while the clear part is done with a normal green marker.

The paint is applied to the bottom of the clear part and not the top actually - the paint would be reflected to the top portion anyway. ^^

Even though it's a transformable model kit, with a rather complex transformation system no less, this Master Grade kit does have a full inner frame that can be realized. That's why I'm adamant on panel lining all the frame parts. ^^ There are more parts that I detailed than really need to I believe, but as mentioned in the previous posting, even though there are plenty of parts to go after the initial paint work, most of them are pretty straightforward with fairly simple details, so the overall work is quite simple. ^^

More detailing work for this Master Grade kit coming up in the next posting. ^^

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