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Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver. Part 5 [Final]

Hatsune Miku (Part 2)

A continuation of the review on Miku from Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver. after the previous posting, focusing on her option parts and alternate display form this time. ^^

Miku and the four option parts included for her.

An option face part.

No longer smiling, the expression depicts a more serious look on Miku.
With this option part, Miku is the only member among the three who can open her eyes. XD

An umbrella.

The straight peg at the end of the umbrella is to be used to connect the part to the figure's right palm.

Comparison between the umbrella and Rin's trophy and Luka's champagne bottle.

Made of soft plastic, it's not likely for the sharp tip of the umbrella to cause any injury. ^^

A pair of straight arms.

Despite their similar look, the two gloved palms actually have different sculpted details for the fingers. ^^

As mentioned earlier on, the peg slot in the middle of the right palm allows the umbrella to be attached to it.

Swapping between the face parts is no easy business it appears. As Miku's ears are concealed beneath her "earphones", which in turn are linked to the disc-like hair clips and pigtails, all of the head's parts need to be detached for the face part to be detached. ^^;

All nine parts for Miku's head alone. ^^

The default face and arm parts.

More images of Miku with her alternate face and arm parts:

Closeups on the new details:

Of course, the option parts can be mixed with the default ones, coupled with the figure's simple articulation capabilities to give Miku even more display options. ^^

Even though they are quite simple, the few option parts, especially the option face give the figure a unique display advantage over Rin and Luka, who are limited in their poses due to having fixed arms that are designed to interact with their respective option parts. For Miku on the hand, different combinations of her parts allow the figure to be displayed differently and without the need to be tied directly with the rest of the set. ^^

That's the special treatment given to Miku-sama I suppose. XD

Posing with the race car from the set that was introduced in Part 3:

Lastly, a group shot of this entire Nendoroid Petit set:

A very cute Nendoroid Petit set this is, and a very special one as compared to the previously reviewed Lucky Star x Street Fighter and Haruhi Summer Festival sets as well. ^^ The other two focus on individual figures grouped together for their respective themes, but for this Racing Miku Set, it's very obvious that the three figures were designed specifically to realize the group shot image as shown above, which is the set's theme. The figures' display options are limited in that group shot, but as Nendoroid Petit figures like their friends from the two aforementioned sets, each of them is still quite fun to play with individually. ^^

As part of that special image, the race car is also a unique point of this set. Besides the decal work required to realize its details, which is fun in its own rights, the race car's wind-up feature does make it more than just an accessory for display, even though I did note in its review that the feature is an extra to me. ^^

Together with the prize podium, the theme of this Nendoroid Petit set is much easier to spot as compared to Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set and Haruhi Summer Festival Set, not to mention the overall size of the entire set would make it more outstanding as well. ^^

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