Saturday, December 5, 2015

Transformers: Generations Fall Of Cybertron Deluxe Class Sideswipe Part 3

Hide two wheels just to show another two

A look at the transformation design of Takara Tomy's Transformers: Generations Fall of Cybertron TG-10 Deluxe Class Sideswipe after spotlighting its Cybertronian speeder mode in the previous posting. ^^

The Path Blaster cannon and the smaller Blaster pistol need to be detached before the transformation.

The transformation starts with the back of the speeder: the rear fender on either side is detached from the tail panel.
The tab locks the parts together very tightly so quite a bit of force is required to split them apart. ^^;

The side panels are separated from the tail.

The hands are rotated outward and straightened.

The tab that connects the rear fender to the side panel is detached.

Using the same "door hinge" shown earlier on, both side panels with the arms are swung to the front of the car.

Each arm is rotated around at bicep level until the rear wheels are on the forearm.

Beneath the car, the legs are folded forward via the hip joints.

The entire front section of the car is hinged upward for about 180 degrees at the robot mode's chest.

The large metal pin that's situated horizontally on the chest is the hinge that enables the upward swing shown above.

The back panel is flipped downward.

By pressing down on the chest panel to hold it in place, the front section of the car is hinged downward to form the chest.

Either shoulder is separated from the tab that connects it to the side panel.

The arms are rotated downward for 90 degrees.

The feet are hinged upward for 90 degrees before the legs themselves are split apart down the middle.

A few steps left to reveal the head. ^^

On the back, the spoiler section is bent downward, which would cause the middle plate of the canopy to be raised.

The lower end of the bent spoiler has a pair of clips that need to be snapped onto the black body frame, but the part cannot be hinged in place properly. ^^;


Despite the trouble in getting the back panel to transform accordingly, the head is raised and can be seen clearly.

All done for Sideswipe's speeder-to-robot mode transformation.

The Path Blaster cannon can be attached to either hand as a handheld weapon.

The side peg of the cannon also allows it to be attached to either forearm.
The forearm slot is actually the same one used to mount the cannon in vehicle mode.

Three different display options for the mounted Path Blaster.

Blaster can be posed as a handheld pistol or a mounted gun.

The main peg slot on top the speeder's canopy in vehicle mode is no longer accessible as it's now hidden inside Sideswipe's waist. ^^;

More images of Sideswipe in robot mode coming up in the next posting. ^^

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