Thursday, March 27, 2014

Play Arts Kai Chunli Part 5

More punches, chops, and kicks

Another batch of action poses from Play Arts Kai Chunli after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using a wired Gunpla stand.

Supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type this time.

I think it's apparent after the previous posting that Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type is only strong enough to balance Chunli when she's standing on a surface, either one-legged or two. On the contrary, to display her in any off-the-ground pose, the stronger wired stand would be needed to support the figure's weight. This adjustment is needed by Cammy as well. ^^

A comparison between this figure with Kaiyodo's Revoltech S.F.O. mini action figure, and the much bigger 12-inch RAH version from Medicom Toy next is going to be the final posting of this review series. ^^

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