Friday, March 6, 2009

HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type Part 3

Returning the details

I actually cropped this writing from Part 2 because I think it was a little too long already.

Like painting gray on the arc of the mono-eye camera, here's little trick that you can do to give more details to all Tieren models.

Specifically, the three sensors (?) near the cockpit hatch:

Molded together with neck area, the sensors are not shown at all. No foil sticker included for them as well.

Mecha design for Tieren's cockpit hatch as illustrated by the MS's creator, Kenji Teraoka. Click for larger view.
Image edited from Dalong Dotnet and Mahq Dotnet.

Foil sticker is most suitable for this job. ^^ Will tell you why at the end of this posting.

(1) Measure the area required for each sensor. Good thing it's the same for all three units: width 0.29 cm x height 0.09 cm.

(2) Cutting a stripe from the side of the foil sticker included is most convenient. ^^

(3) Use tweezers to help you to apply the stickers.

(4) Done.

Using foil sticker is deliberate even though Gundam Marker silver or normal marker of the equivalent color could be used. The shape of foil sticker is rigid, and as "add-ons" to the part, they help to distinguish the sensors as separate parts from the armor.

Also, I'm planning to use the foil sticker included on the two spot lights on the shoulders, so foil sticker for the sensor units would give an overall more consistent feel to the model.

With all the necessary parts painted, and panel-lined, all the pre-assembly work done. Will be building this HG soon ^^


Q said...

Wow you really are into the details even for the 1/144!

Measuring down to 0.1cm (1mm) is hard enough, how do you measure 0.29 and 0.09cm?? o_o

Ngee Khiong said...


Luckily the part with the targeting sensor has flat space for my ruler to sit on for me to take the measurements.

Looking hard at the ruler, it was very close to the 0.3cm and 0.1cm mark respectively, so I took them as 0.09 each ^^

I remember staring real hard at the ruler before making the call. The photo with the ruler is really just for show XD