Sunday, April 19, 2009

The All Exia Project Part 3


Continue from Part 2, I'm still showing the parts from the 5 kits included for my All Exia Project.

Looking at the parts in this review, you won't find any from BB Senshi Exia anymore. ^^; For being deformed in size, all its parts seem like they are best to be treated separately. Some of them may require the same painting, but I don' really see the connection with the other four HG and 1/100s.

Sorry, little fella, ^^; but at least you'll get exclusive treatment next time ^^;

The extra parts to be included this time:

For Exia (applicable to Avalanche Exia and the HG version): white for the little vernier on top of the GN Drive cone on the back, gray for the slits in the waist, shoes, and in between the thigh armors, the protruding parts on the upper arm below the shoulder GN stripes, the GN Vulcan on the forearm, front skirt armors and part of the circle on the chest (not shown here).

For Astraea: gray for the slits in the waist, shoes, in between the thigh armors, front skirt armors, and part of the chest (not shown here).

As you can see from the manual of Astraea, the first two components mentioned are not being painted at all, probably to emphasis more on Astraea's overall white paint scheme. I'll paint them more closely to Exia's style though, to emphasis more on their relationship instead. Anyhow, Astraea's paint scheme is white enough for me XD

Cutting out all the parts for the three 1/100s first:

[All] waist

[All] shoes

The armor behind the feet has no part that requires painting though. This is a different feature as compared to the HG version

[All] Chest. The sticker only covers the circled parts, but as you'll see from the HG version, the walls inside pointed by the arrows need to be painted as well.

[All] Slits between the thigh armors.

[All, option parts for Astraea] Front skirt armors.

[Exia & Avalanche Exia] GN Vulcan on the forearm.

[Exia & Avalanche Exia] Vernier on the back.
Avalanche Exia comes with two almost identical parts for the back, resulting in three of the same parts from two parts.

[Exia & Avalanche Exia] Protruding parts on the upper arm.

The parts involved for HG 1/144 Exia are pretty much all the same, with deviation in the design of several of them:

No separate molding for the thighs, so the pelvis joints will have to be painted as well later on.

Front skirt armors that can be separated in the middle, and the chest piece that come molded together with the GN Drive in the center.

No part separation for the feet, there's a huge part in the middle that needs to be painted in gray. No part separation for the shoes as well, panel-lining the bottom of the shoes will be added to the project as well.

The vernier on the back and the parts on the upper arm require the exact treatment as the 1/100 scale versions.

Lining up all the players: ^^

Astraea turns out to be the one with the least parts involved among the four normal scale Exias, but BB Senshi Exia will ultimately be the one with the least part for this entire project - only its GN Sword is in ^^;

Separating the parts into boxes is not exactly necessary at this point, identical parts will be treated at the same time anyway.

The real work starts in Part 4.


Q said...

It's interesting to see that you are using the Exia parts for Astraea's front skirts, and correct me if I am wrong, but is Astraea's chest piece (the ring) supposed to be slightly different to that of Exia's?

Anonymous said...

You using the F2 parts on Astraea?

Ngee Khiong said...


You're right. Astraea has two types of rings for its chest. I completely forgot about them. Will be working on them together with the other rings in later reviews.

Tried it on Exia's part, it's compatible ^^

Thanks for reminding me on that ^^


Exia's parts yes.

LUCIUS said...

oh! man You just made me go back and fix my Axia.