Monday, April 13, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi Part 3

Dude, where's my eye? II

Continue from two nights ago.

A look at the DIY mono-eye camera applied onto the model:

Due to the curved surface of the goggle, you'll need to press on the eye for a second or two to make sure the whole piece is sticking onto the part intended, else, there will be a bit of slit around the edge of the eye giving off.

As mentioned, there is a major limitation for this sticker trick - the eye will work fine if it's sitting right in the middle, but there's a barrier when you want to shift it around the goggle.

In this case, a literal barrier.

The goggle is much narrower as it moves to the left and right. The eye we made however, is static in its size.

One of the two - the eye and the goggle has to make way to fit each other. And we pretty much be cutting off Sazabi's face can we? XD It's way easier to cut off a little bit from our stickers instead.

And by "stickers" I mean a few different sizes needed to fit in the different locations of the goggle.

Not-so-much cut off and a little bit more cut off.

No big deal since I made quite a lot of spare eyes from Part 1. Unlike Gundam-type eyes, these mono-eye cameras are the same in color (for the entire pupil), so really, it's all the same no matter how you slice it.

And of course, any one you cut can be used on either the left or right side of the goggle.

Nice~ My Shiba-I Sazabi can finally throw his evil glance. ^^

Here's another way you can make your DIY mono-eye cameras for Shiba-I Sazabi and other BB Senshi Sangokuden models, an alternative that doesn't require the two Gundam Markers mentioned in the previous method.

A very primary-school method actually XD

Materials needed:

Sticker, empty sticker book sheet, stick-on note paper, paper glue, highlighter, a tweezers, paper tape and a paper punch (both not shown here).

I suppose you can pretty much guess how it's going to work, right? ^^ Yup, we're going to use the stick-on note paper to substitute the colors from Gundam Markers GM09 Eye Green and GM14 Fluorescent Pink. The basic method is the same.

Comparing the colors of the stick-on note papers and that from Gundam Markers: stick-on has darker pink, but way lighter green.

I was a bit skeptical about the green stick-on at first, but I really like how the color turns out in the end. ^^

Really, this kind of stuff, you'll have to try it out yourself to see if it's really going to work, like the screw for MG Destiny mentioned just a few days back.

(1) Punch some dots (many for me) stickers using the paper punch,
(2) Stick the dots onto folded paper tape,
(3) Punch dots from the stick-on note papers,
(4) Glue the dots onto each of the stickers from (2),
(5) Leave to dry for a whole night.

Make sure you use a lot of glue so that the stick-on dots can attach to the sticker dots completely. You don't want the eye to start peeling off between the stickers. With that said, you have to be extra careful in applying the stick-on dots so that the covering is accurate. Putting all of them onto folded paper tape first allows you to handle the subsequent jobs easier.

Because a lot of glue is used, I gave a whole night's time for all the dots to dry.

Frankly, I was a little bored to continue anyway XD

The next morning:

Because each dots is a combo of two papers now, the edge has become thicker - of different colors some more. So I used highlighter to paint the edge to cover it up a bit. Not too much painting using the highlighter though - stick-on paper does soak up ink from your highlighter and cause the edge to be extra visible instead.

Comparing the two sets of stickers:

I'm not too sure if there's a universal size for all the dots from paper punches, but I used the same one for both methods, so they are perfectly compatible for Shiba-I Sazabi. ^^

Much lighter color from the green stick-on note paper actually makes the eye to be extra visible as well - I like ^^

And of course, the same method generates the same limitation as well. You'll need to chop off a little from the sticker to allow the eye to turn to either sides.

Even more evil glance from Shiba-I Sazabi ^^

An important note about this method of doing your own mono-eye camera: the stickers are not durable. ^^; Because they are being stick onto the model, taken off, and stick on again, the strength of the sticker will gradually diminish. That's another reason I made a lot of spare ones as well.

More work needed, but for better eye expression of Shiba-I Sazabi and other mono-eye models in the BB Senshi Sangokuden line, I think the effort is worthwhile. ^^


iron2000 said...

Found another monoeye mod, this one needs some modelling skills.

I want to make a moveable monoeye so I'm looking around for references.

Unknown said...

Is there a way, or have you tried to seal the sticker on so it wont come off?