Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Note: This will be a posting in Mandarin.



第一次听阿桑的歌是蛮久以前的事了。开始时不喜欢她的唱腔,大家都欣赏她声音里的沧桑,我却总觉得不好听,太沙哑了 - 大概我是听惯了邓丽君、王菲、张清芳、孙燕姿和Celion Dion 那般响亮的歌声,接受不了阿桑吧。







FlawlessBlades said...

I can hardly read anymore. Speaking and writing are so different in Chinese. >.<

Epsilon_013 said...

yup. i can't understand at all

Chong said...


Starboykb said...

Ahhh I finally know who she is, she appear in many Taiwan shows and release quite a good songs even in F4 Meteor showers. I didnt know she was in breast cancer treatment after the news released. Anyway, RIP.

Anonymous said...

who is this?

codename:v said...
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Ngee Khiong said...

Comment deleted:

Epsilon013 and Flawedblades:

Bloodyhell! Both of you fags can't read both Mandarin-Japanese and you still want to butt into areas which you aren't familiar? Man, that explains faggots like you are nothing more attention-seeking whores.

两个00同性恋无赖狂想天开,有人不做, 做汉奸

Ngee Khiong: C.V., 给我闭嘴!!! -_-||| (means shut the hell up)

Epsilon_013 said...

So the faggy hikikomori CV now has entered the Ex too. So what's the point if i can't read mandarin. Should i learn portugese, spanish and russian to reading onepiece-naruto-bleach manga instead english translation?

seven6398 said...

althought i can't read chinese but still i know a bit what news talk about.. i feel sorry too..

Anonymous said...

阿桑 安息吧