Thursday, April 9, 2009

MG Destiny Part 6

Slowing down a bit...

Just completed the waist today.

Like the wings, there are a lot of details to panel-line on each of the few parts that made up the waist, and most of the details are on the interior.

Some people won't really be bothered about them - hidden details that won't be shown when the model is assembled. I would choose to panel-line or paint some of them, like the silver pipes inside the wings mentioned previously ^^

Panel lines for the interior of the skirt armors. The longer ones are for the rear side.

Found a part that looks like piston on each of the two pelvis joints - no escape from my devotion towards gold and silver paints XD

Silver for the interior of the side skirt armors - just to make it even more interesting than merely black.

Gray for the interior of the side skirt armors' thrusters. It's the color shown in the manual actually.

Will be working on the "other sides" of the components from Part 2 and 3 after this.


Q said...

lol Ngee Khiong can't get away with bling bling gold cravings XD

Ngee Khiong said...


Huhhuh~ You got that right. Anything round or looks like a tube or cylinder will most probably get painted in gold or silver for my models ^^;