Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gundam Heroine History Special: Relena Peacecraft

Simple and elegant

Got this figurine for quite some time, about four or five months already I think. But writing up on it wasn't easy. Words always got stuck here and there, now and then, so the review was never out for such a long time.

This is Relena Peacecraft from Bandai's Gundam Heroine History Special. All four characters in the series, with Lacus, Cagalli and Kihel being the other three.

Lacus is the figure on the front box art.

Relena is the first smaller size figurine I bought in my collection. I have another figurine, a female character from Advance of Zeta dress in Titans' pilot suit, which was a special prize included for Dengeki Japan many years ago. I suddenly can't remember the name of that character. ^^;

I was looking for Lacus instead of Relena from this series, for I love the pattern on her dress very much. ^^ Can't find her though, most probably she's out of stock for being such a popular character I believe.

Then I was being attracted to Relena's elegant gown ^^

Straight from the TV anime of Gundam Wing, after being crowned Queen of the World, this is the dress Relena wears to the meeting where she declares the establishment of the World Nation. It's the same design in Kouichi Tokita-sensei's manga adaptation of this Gundam series as well.

It was a very bold move by Relena, the lead female character in the series whom doesn't seem to have much power at hand to realize the dream of peace. She has a short reign as the Queen before being dethroned by Treize Khushrenada, but that was a very powerful moment in the series nonetheless.

And that's really one beautiful gown. ^^ Ball gown is the formal name for this type of attire I think. Very Victorian-style, simple and elegant but worthy for a Queen.

No more long words, and onto the figurine itself ^^;

A little bit of assembly required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

Pose without the gown ^o^

The head is movable, which is about the only part with articulation for Relena ^^;

Details on her dress and opera-length gloves

Relena's shoes - only visible if pose without the gown actually.

The trapezium-shaped display base with two stepping points for the shoes.

Stands a little taller than Revoltech S.F.O. Chunli.

Height comparison with HG 1/144 Tieren.

The details of this figurine are quite well treated, for example the painting of the eyes, the folds on the gown and the details on the hemline of the gown. Figurine collectors and fans could probably list out many other releases with even better design, but for me, Relena is the type of figurine for display I like. ^^

And being a fixed pose figurine, there is no other "function" for her apart from being a display item I think. ^^; Quite a nice addition to my Gundam collection, since all the others are model kits. She would definitely stand out among the crowd. ^^

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Gundam Heroine History Special: Relena Peacecraft


Chris said... seems Seed heroines are the main focus of the figurines.

I was wondering though...if she comes in with the box enclosed, when you said you can't find Lacus due to popularity, does this mean the box is not sealed?

Anonymous said...

Do you have the other 3?

Q said...

@ Chris:
Rather than buying them blind not knowing what's inside, some shops open and sell them according to each item's rarity so people can buy them easier.