Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 10

Not the best inner frame (to look at)

The completed inner frame of Unicorn Gundam, basically putting everything done in Part 8 and 9 together.

Without transformation, the lower body of Unicorn Gundam is already as tall as the abdomen level of Gundam RX-78-2.

Not much action poses as well, with all the limitations of its joints.

In conclusion, it's not exactly the best inner frame as compared to the other MGs during his time, like Zaku II, Gelgoog, and Destiny Gundam, mainly because it wasn't designed to bare its inner frame in the first place I believe. Many components rely on the armors to complete the transformation gimmicks, so a lot of pins connecting to those parts are showing off on its inner frame, like those on the shoulder armors and skirt armors.

But I did it anyway - build the frame first then armor-on. This is the only way to view the collaboration of the the inner frame and the Psycho Frame. I dislike detaching the armors to view the details inside after the final assembly - to the point of not doing so completely for quite a long time now. So, these photos will most probably be the last ones to show this model's inner frame.

Quite nice to see for a while, but then your eyes will get a bit uncomfortable looking at all the bright red parts under the light. ^^; Quite a troubling disadvantage of these Psycho Frame parts ^^;

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Anonymous said...

is it just me or those the inner frame looks like optimus prime??