Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shusou Doven Wolf Part 2

Almost all the paint job needed

Starting on painting some parts of my BB Senshi Sangokuden Shusou Doven Wolf.

I don't have the right green color for certain parts of the model like the feet and helmet, so I'll skip those and use the foil stickers instead, but all other parts that use basic colors are painted.

Red Gundam Marker for the weapon, and a little bit of gold on the line pattern of the weapon mount rack - purely optional selection.

Gold for the shoulder shield is from Gundam Marker Gold.

Spikes and horn of the helmet is painted using a normal marker.

Golden curvy ornaments on both sides of the head gear are painted with just a gold pen.
It's filling in the "sunken" spots with gold paint to be exact.

Painted the last name of Shusou Doven Wolf on his forehead using Gundam Marker Gold, following the paint scheme from the box actually.

Some spots on the body are painted in gold as well so that it won't be in plain black.

As always, the body armors are always the parts with the most painting to be done. ^^;
Panel-lining first to define the border.

First color to go in is gold.

Second color is red.
The dragon on the the front skirt armor is surprisingly easy to paint, maybe because it's molded to be elevated on the armor.

"Rough" first layer of painting. The weapons still require more painting - gold and silver. The body armors and the other parts need clean-up and repanel-lining, but so far, these are almost all the parts that need to be painted. Quite fast work this time it seems. ^^


sdlover said...

how do you coloring with neatresult, i'm also doing the sangokuden kit with gundam marker but the result is not as good as you :D

Anonymous said...

i saw that you painted Spikes and horn of the helmet using a normal marker. the silver colour quite shining....what normal marker is it? Can provide more detail on the marker?