Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MSIA Exia Part 2

A mix of good and bad

Back to Mobile Suit in Action!! Gundam Exia now with a look at its content.

The full content from the box.

Gundam Exia straight out of the box, without any GN beam saber or dagger attached.

Some of the paint details are great, like the GN Stripes on top of the head...

... and the GN Stripes under the armpit.

The painting for the face is pretty good as well, the eyes and the tiny red portion behind the mask can be seen clearly.
Some other spots are not so good, like the rather messy paint job on the body as pointed. There are some gray paint scratched off on the front skirt armor as well.

All the weapons are included, pretty much like the content of 1/100 plamo kit of Gundam Exia, without the option hand units.

Not much details for the GN Shield and GN Sword.

The silver paint on the GN Sword looks pretty cool though, with some sort of metallic feel there. ^^
And it's being painted with great accuracy as well.

The beam parts and GN Long/Short Blades.

The poor paint display on the blades' body make it really easy to see that they were molded in all white then painted with blue and gray.

The very "conventional" part-swapping method for the two blades. The same method is used by the 1/60, 1/100 and 1/144 scale plamo kits version.

A mixture of good and bad for the appearance of the figure I would say. The details of the head, great looking silver paint on the GN Sword and various other parts are pretty good for a figure I didn't had much expectation on in the first place (plus the great bargain I got for him ^^), but at the same times, some pretty bad-looking inconsistencies in the paint job on several obvious spots negate all the good things mentioned earlier on, which is quite a shame really.

So, 50-50, an average looking figure I would say.

Then again, poor paint job is the least to worry about MSIA Gundam Exia really, the material used to make the figure is the real deal. ^^; We'll come to that soon.

Back to the Robot Damashii version next.

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Aries0083 said...

I don't like the chest that much. The GN drive is too big.