Saturday, August 7, 2010

Itazura Coin Bank

Probably the cutest thing you'll ever see on my blog

Another really nice stuff I bought in Singapore is Itazura Coin Bank ^^

As the name depicts, Itazura Coin Bank is a piggy bank. That cutest part about it is the design of a mechanical cat that will pop out from inside the box to snatch the coin you place on top of the box.

Has very cute voice effect before and after the cat comes out too. ^^

Before I went to Singapore, I've already seen video clips showing how the box works. So upon seeing it at Action City, Iluma, I pretty much picked one up right away. ^^ I'm not sure as to why no local store at my place would bring this in. The cuteness level is amazing. ^^

There are a few different designs for you to pick - types of cat to be exact. Each type has different pictures of fruit pattern printed in front of the box. I chose the grey hair with black stripes American Short Hair type that has strawberry on the box.

The reason why I picked the American Short Hair type is because I kept thinking about Chi when I saw Itazura Coin Bank at the shop ^^

For dog-lovers, there are 2 types of dog to choose from as well, but for me, I like cats better. ^^

Made of plastic, but design of the box is made to look like a paper container instead. See the paper tape ^^

The "plate" for you to put your coin, which is a button to wake the cat inside. ^^

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) to work.

The cap to be removed for taking out all the coins.

The manual. Not useful if you don't read Japanese. ^^;

When it's not on, the lid of the box can easily be lifted to reveal the cat inside. It's not a "complete" cat actually - only the head and one paw is in. Some disappointment already? XD Not for me that is. I don't think the box can take in many coins if a "full" cat is inside. ^^;

A video clip I took about the box. Coins used are 2 SGD $1 I brought back from the trip. ^^

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Insanely cute XD


James said...

Haha, it's a cat bank version of the "Most Useless Machine Ever"(machine that turns itself off)!

Chris said...

What if the coin is not put exactly in the middle?

L said...

Is there a site where you can see all the types of the bank?

yudha said...

@L: try this..

Kath said...

It's unique!! how much u bought that?