Monday, August 23, 2010

MSIA Exia Part 5

Weapons for safety

Moving on to the action part of MSIA Gundam Exia. ^^

Can pose reaching for its GN Blades very well.

Oversized GN Long Blade and undersized GN Short Blade XD

Can pose reaching for the GN Beam Saber/Dagger very naturally as well.

It's relatively easy to see that the figure was designed with safety first. All weapons are made of soft rubber, and small detachable items like the beam sabers and daggers' handles are made larger in size so they could be found easily if dropped. Such safety feature really suggests that the figure was meant for kids when it was released, which might be true in purpose to the entire MSIA line.

With that in mind, I suppose safety could be the reason why the yellow V-fin on top of the chest is not made to be movable as well.

On the other hand, seeing how the Robot Damashii version is so much sharper, literally and figuratively, it doesn't seem to be meant for the same customer group as the MSIA line, and the high price of the Robot Damashii series isn't helping to make it easy to obtain for younger customer group either. The Robot Damashii series is more than just a replacement for the MSIA line it seems. Tamashii Nation has repositioned the Gundam action figure series among the fans with it.

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The cost of Damashii can be difficult to bear and price wise MSIA would more attractive to me which is also fairly decent.