Sunday, May 1, 2011

Devastator Spawn Get

Coming full circle

Got this really awesome deal from a local forum member yesterday, and I'm still very thrilled about it. ^^

Spawn Series 18 "Interlink 6", released by McFarlane Toys in 2001 is a set of 6 Spawn action figures with the design theme being pseudo-mechanical armor suits or robots that has the unique ability to gattai into a giant robot with the same name as the series' title, "Interlink 6". Each figure is about 15cm (6") tall, while the combined Interlink 6 is 40cm (16") tall. Till this day, this is the only Spawn series with the ability to combine the individual figures if not mistaken. It's super awesome! ^^

You can find out more about this item set on Spawn's official site.

It didn't hit me at first, but when I found out the exact release date of this item and remembered the first time I saw it in the same year and developed a deep interest in it, it occurred to me that I've been looking for it for a very long time, and finally coming full circle at this point, after a whole decade. ^^ I couldn't help but to let out a soft sigh, sort of an acknowledgment of just how much time has passed since my younger days. ^^

The first time I saw it was back in 2001, in a small local hobby store called "Alan Workshop", which I actually mentioned last year in a posting with a similar nostalgic feel as this one. ^^ The store owner was unpacking this item set when I arrived at the store. After his introduction and marveling at the box art and everything myself, I was about to ask the owner to reserve the whole set for me (being a secondary school student back then means I have to dig for money to get it the next time I return to the store) when another customer who was in the store at that time paid for it in full and got the entire set right away. ^^; It was an almost completed deal flew away right in front of my eyes. ^^; Then again, being quite a dummy at that time, I thought I could get another set soon since it was a new item at that point. However, the harsh reality of how niche the market was for all these specific action figure franchises in my place would keep me hoping and waiting for nothing for years to come after that, until now of course. ^^

The entire set sold to me remained unopened, and seeing how the color of all the plastic covers had turned yellow really reminded me of my first encounter with it. I was looking at the figures through those sealed plastic covers as well. Back then, I heard of McFarlane Toys' Spawn series before, but never thought that it would be this fun, at least with this set. ^^ That experience sort of opened my eyes to more hobby items instead of just Gunplas, model kits, Transformers and Power Rangers robot figures - almost the only ones I cared about at that time. There are many items released by other companies that are equally interesting and are fun to discover.

Getting these action figures as a whole set, unopened some more is such a great thrill to me, because after being unable to find it for such a long time, I almost gave up my hopes for it. It was such a coincidence when I saw the forum posting about the offering of this item set, with an even more awesome coincidence that the dealer is in town as well. ^^ After years of waiting and searching, I'm able to get many of the items I missed out when they first came out years ago, most of them being models kits like the 4 1/100 scale Gundam Wing Endless Waltz kits, Perfect Grade Gundam GP01/Fb, HG 1/144 Gundam, 1/35 Mechanic Collection Guren Type-02, Ex Model 1/144 Hildolfr, Master Grade Ingram Unit 1, Real Robot Revolution L-Gaim Mk. II, and other model kits from Bandai that I always know will get reissued after a certain time. Even Kotobukiya kits get their share of reissue as well, and I managed to get pretty much all the kits I missed out in the past, from SRW OG Non-scale Daizengar, Cybuster, 1/144 Alteisen Riese to HMM 1/72 Saber Tiger because of that. However, managing to secure this entire set of Spawn Series 18 "Interlink 6" is still a great feat for me (and a very lucky one too). ^^

Seeing how all the items remained sealed for such a long time since its release back in 2001, I'm pondering hard on whether I should open them up and release the figures since their factory days 10 years ago. ^^; It feels like destroying a bunch of relics that survived a long time of preservation. ^^; I guess that since I can't make up my mind at this time, and probably won't be so for quite a while, any review on this set won't be coming soon. ^^;

On the other hand, I also got this figure of the Angel of Death from "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" for free from the trade, which is a huge bonus to the whole deal that I really appreciate.

Apart from being a very unique character in the movie, it seems that the Angel of Death is the largest figure in this particular product series. It's a fixed figure I think, but those massive wings would make it a really flamboyant but mysterious-looking display item. ^^

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