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Figma Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 7 [Final]


Mentioned about it here and there throughout this review series so far, without going much into the details that is, here's the "formal" (^^) comparison between Figma and Revoltech Fraulein Mari Illustrious Makinami. ^^

Front view

Left side view

Left rear view

Rear view

Right rear view

Right side view


Strictly speaking, the Revoltech Fraulein version has a little bit more details than the Figma version. The golden stripes around the elbow, details on the soles different colors painted for the palm area and on the back of the gloves on the Revoltech Fraulein version are the most prominent differences.

The larger size of the Revoltech Fraulein version is an obvious difference as well. ^^ However, on the matter of size, the more slender design of the Figma version gives it a more natural feminine look, which is proportionately better in my opinion. ^^ From the side-by-side comparison of the two versions, the head, hands and feet of Revoltech Fraulein Mari seem slightly oversize. ^^; Also, as mentioned in Part 2, I do like the smile on the Figma version's default face as opposed to the rather emotionless look on the Revoltech Fraulein version.

Comparison of "the Beast" Berserker mode:

While the Figma version seems to have a more outstanding expression for the Berserker mode's face part, I don't think it outdoes the same part on the Revoltech Fraulein version. As mentioned in Part 5, the different expression serve different roles in depicting the characters' emotion, so they are not directly comparable. One thing for sure: the two special face parts have very impressive sculpt work and painting for the mouth area. ^^

A look at a few specific parts for comparison:

Three face parts each for the two versions.
The Revoltech Fraulein version has a little bit of extra details for Mari's eyebrows. ^^

Front hair part with the glasses. The Revoltech Fraulein part is shown on the left this time.
The Figma version's ability for the glasses to be removed is definitely more impressive I think. ^^

Chest jewel.
Apart from being larger, having extra parts included makes it less risky when configuring the Berserker mode on the Revoltech Fraulein version. ^^

Hand units.
The Figma version has 11 hand units in total, two less than the Revoltech Fraulein version.

The Figma version's Y-clip is very similar to the standard part in Revoltech Fraulein for its figures.

The Revoltech Fraulein version can actually fits into the Entry Plug module pretty well, except for the head. ^^;

For me, the two versions of Mari have their own unique features that aren't exactly comparable. Some of the points on size, color scheme and facial expression are really subjective to personal preference I believe. I do like them both equally. ^^

In the end, I think the Entry Plug module included for the Figma version is the deciding factor if one has to choose between the two versions. It's a very valuable option part to compliment Mari's action poses, and a very awesome design at that. ^^ In her Plugsuit, it's pretty much Mari's "playground", especially when she activated her Berserker mode. ^^ It's a great way to display the figure on the shelves as well. ^^

Comparison with the RAH version: ^^

A gathering of all Maris in my collection. ^^

In terms of size, look and feel, the RAH version wins all in my opinion, despite the utter lack of accessories and option part. There's just no comparison at all. ^^

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