Monday, March 25, 2013

Figma Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 5

"Invert mode. Secret code: The Beast!"

Using the same tagline from Part 3 of the Revoltech Fraulein version's review. ^^

More action poses of Figma Mari Illustrious Makinami, including her special "the Beast" Berserker mode configuration in this posting. ^^

With the Entry Plug module introduced back in Part 2.

A high-risk "maneuver" this is: posing Mari sitting on top of the module without any support. ^^;

When the stands become troublesome to adjust because of the two separate Figma bases. di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. can definitely help since the base is compatible with Figma stand. ^^

The center-most cushion of the pilot seat is actually a removable piece.

There's a slot beneath the cushion that allows the peg from the stand to poke through to be connected with the Y-clip to hold the figure in place.

To pose Mari using the control handles, it's actually a lot easier to connect the trigger-type hand units to the handles first before the figure comes in.
It's odd-looking in context, ^^; but it makes the work less stressful for the figure, especially when the figure's waist needs to be connected to the Y-clip on the Entry Plug module at the same time.

It's good to see that the clear plastic material of the Y-clip makes it less visible when used with the figure. ^^

Since the Y-clip restricts Mari's waist position on the Entry Plug module, I usually prefer to show her without it. The limited space of the seat area is well enough to hold the figure in place I believe. ^^

A look at the parts and configuration for Mari's "the Beast" Berserker mode: ^^

The special face expression part, wrist attachments, green chest jewel and hair part with backward-facing pigtails.

Awesome face sculpt and detailing for the face expression part. The paint work inside the open mouth is accurate in showing the teeth and tongue, which nicely depicts the rage of the character as seen in the movie.

Mari with the special face and head parts.

Simple part-swapping for the wrist attachments.

Changing the chest jewel is not as simple as the wrist attachments though. It's definitely a lot more complicated than "bend the upper body around and remove the part" as shown in the instruction sheet. ^^;

(Left) To focus on removing the chest jewel, I actually separated the two halves of the figure's body.
(Right) A look at the chest joint which enables pretty much all of the figure's body movement. I bet BRS2035 has the exact same joint since the two share the same body articulation design.

Very carefully, the default red chest jewel is picked out from Mari's suit using a toothpick. ^^;

(Left) The Berserker mode's green chest jewel, with comparison to a ten cent coin.
(Right) Inserted the green chest jewel into the suit to complete the overall configuration.

The Figma version of a crazed Mari! ^^

Rage would be the best word to associate with the Berserker mode look of this Figma version, as compared to the Revoltech Fraulein version. The roaring expression seems to depict Mari's state when her piloted Eva Unit 2 was damaged by Zeruel during combat. On the other hand, the evil smirk on the Revoltech Fraulein version would be more accurate in showing Mari when she was about to enter the combat after she had activated the Beast Mode on Eva Unit 2. It's the "try me" challenge look I suppose. ^^ For that, there's no comparison between the versions for me, since they show different emotion of the character in the same mode. ^^

More action poses featuring this Figma figure in the next posting. ^^

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