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Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set Part 4 [Final]

The Lucky Star connection

This last posting for Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set is going to be an overdose of cutesy moe I think. XD As mentioned in the previous posting, another Nendoroid Petit set already revealed in the past - Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set will be making an appearance, not just for the sake of being from the same product series, but because of certain connection with Haruhi Summer Festival Set. ^^

Seven extremely colorful small figures of the main characters from their respective shows. ^^

Konata has a direct connection with Haruhi - both are the main characters of their respective shows, and they are voiced by the same seiyuu, Aya Hirano (平野綾). ^^

With the same ball-type neck joint design, Konata can be shown wearing Haruhi's yutaka, and the pose seems to fit the character very well too. ^^

Konata actually did wear a similar-looking yutaka in one of the episodes of "Lucky Star". ^^

It's Haruhi x Guile ^^

A gathering of three purple-haired girls. ^^
Yuki looks like she just came to a neighborhood she doesn't belong at all. XD

Kagami in Yuki's Yutaka.

Mikuru's yutaka and hand gesture seem to fit Tsukasa pretty well.
Again, as mentioned in the previous posting, the lack of any connecting point on Mikuru's yutaka for the display stand is troublesome for the figure's display. ^^;

Mikuru with Miyuki.

Miyuki in Mikuru's yutaka.

The issue with Tsukasa and Mikuru's yutaka is not a problem at all for Miyuki as her ponytail braid is long enough to act as a "substitute" display stand for the figure. XD

Despite the total compatibility in swapping the figures between the two Nendoroid Petit sets, I think the "form change" benefit can be experienced by Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set more than this Haruhi Summer Festival Set. ^^; The yutakas and poses of Haruhi and her friends are "universal" enough to be used by the Lucky Star gang, but the latter's Street Fighter character images which were tailored specifically to the four girls don't really fit the SOS Brigade members. ^^; Konata is associated to Guile because of a particular joke in her anime series, but the connection just isn't there when Haruhi is on Guile's body. ^^; Same can be said with Miyuki x Crimson Viper as well. Miyuki is associated to that Street Fighter character because of her glasses and long hair. The connection isn't there for Yuki or Mikuru, so they would look extremely awkward when their heads are swapped onto Crimson Viper's body. ^^; The combination might be cute, but definitely awkward at the same time. ^^;

Overall, just like the Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set, Haruhi Summer Festival Set is a very adorable set of small figures that is very cute for display. The figures' yutakas are designed to match the characteristics of the wearers, as with their expressions and poses. Because of that, even though each of them is designed with several articulation points, plus the same neck joint design that allows them to swap between yutakas, I still prefer to display them in their default look. ^^

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