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Figma Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 2

Not merely a large chair for display

After the introduction yesterday, this posting will focus on the many option parts included in this Figma set and more images of Mari Illustrious Makinami to examine the figure's details. ^^

Accessories and option parts included for Figma Mari Illustrious Makinami, excluding four parts which are specifically for the Entry Plug module which will be introduced later.

Four parts exclusive for Mari's Berserker Mode will be introduced in details in a separate posting when that "henshin" (XD) configuration is shown.

The second option face part which features a sharp stare and a somewhat condescending smirk.

Typical Figma design to swap between the face parts.

While the pigtails are fixed, they are made of very soft rubbery material that can be moved very easily.

Comparison between the fierce-looking option face part and the default one with the normal look.
The unmistakable difference in their eye expression detailing is very well done. ^^

The front fringe part.

Mari with the option face part.

Amazingly, the glasses can actually be removed. ^^
It's a very fragile-looking part that requires great caution in handling.

(Left) The tiny groove behind the front hair that is used to hold the glasses.
(Right) Protruding points at the edge of the temple arms that are used to connect to the tiny grooves shown earlier on. Ultimately though, it's the front hair's fixed shape that is holding the glasses in place. ^^;

The non-meganekko version of Mari Illustrious Makinami XD

The option head part with a pair of front-facing pigtails.
This is actually the head part for the "normal-looking" version of Mari. The default part with the backward-facing pigtails is meant more to compliment the Berserker Mode. ^^

As with the other part, the pigtails are made of soft material.

Comparison between the two head parts.

A more normal look for Mari with the pigtails positioned to the front and lowered.

Four pairs of option hand units, plus one special right hand part included for Mari.

The special right hand unit is meant to show Mari adjusting her glasses, which is a standard pose for anime girls with glasses I suppose. XD

Like this. ^^

(Left) A pair of standard-looking spread palms.
(Right) A pair of more expressive ones.

Comparison between the two types of spread palms.

(Left) A standard pair of "straight" open fists for the Entry Plus module's handle.
(Right) Another pair of open fists with extended index fingers.

Comparison between the two types of open fists.
The one with extended index finger looks much cooler I think. ^^

The default pair of closed fists.

A Y-clip to hold the figure.
Apart from the Figma stand, the clip can also be attached to the Entry Plug module's seat area to secure the figure when she's posed sitting there.

The Y-clip is the only way to connect the figure to the stand, as the usual peg slot on the back of Figma figures is not available for Mari.

The clip is made of the same material as the stand itself I think. Its toughness certainly isn't helping in accepting the figure when the latter's waist is being pushed directly onto it.
A "gentler" way in handling the connection is to slide the figure's waist into the Y-clip from the side, then turn the figure to the front for the clip to hold onto the waist securely. ^^

As seen in the previous posting, two Figma bases and stands are included for this figure.

Four parts for the Entry Plug module.

Comparing the size of the module's main body to my palm.
It's very big, and pretty heavy too. ^^

The module's main body is 18cm long, 6cm wide and about 7cm tall.

Relatively simple in details, but the clear color separation between glossy metallic shell and matte treatment for tge seat area gives it a very beautiful overall look. ^^

Bottom view of the module.

Just the same silver paint for the entire bottom face of the module.

The two slots behind the part are going to be used to connect it to the Figma stands.

The seemingly very simplistic peg joint on the side of the body is important for the control handle part, and the combination is extremely impressive, as you'll find out in just a while. ^^

The leg compartments can be expanded.
The range of this movement is limited by the peg joint shown just now.

The leg compartments can be bent downward as well.

Without any restrictive element around the joint for this vertical movement, the part can be bent all the way to the back, unnecessary so. XD

While the parts are large, all of their articulation capabilities are controlled by the same kind of Figma joint as seen on the figure itself.

One solid part for the head area of the Entry Plug module.

Simple peg and slot connection between the head area part and the module.

A pair of control handles.

Very nice-looking rounded design for the handles, ^^ which is a huge contrast to the ...

... polygonal connecting arm parts. ^^;

Two Figma joints provide a wide range of movement for two segments of the connecting arms.

Attached the connecting arms to the peg joint shown just a while ago.

As the peg joints themselves are on ball-type joints, they allow the connecting arms to have pretty much unrestricted movement on the side of the Entry Plug module.

Coupled with the joints on the connecting arms themselves, a wide range of poses is to be expected from Mari's "interaction" with the control handles for some imaginative Eva fight. ^^

The complete Entry Plug module.

Apparently, one Figma stand is enough to support the entire module. However, the single stand's joints must be adjusted to the "perfect" angles so that they can balance the module's massive weight.
No adjustment is possible for the stand or the module after that balance is achieved, as any slight tilt ...

... would cause the module to topple. ^^;

Mounting the modules on two bases solves the balancing issue, completely. ^^

With three joints each, the stands can be adjusted together to alter the module's positions. ^^

More images of the entire Entry Plug module.

Closeups on the details:

Looking at just the accessory list, the Entry Plug module is most certainly the highlight of this Figma set - its size is just amazing. ^^ For the sake of merchandising, I suspect it may be smaller/shorter than its actual design in the movie, but even if that's true, it's still quite something to have for a Figma figure. It's definitely an important option part for the figure as well, as this Plug Suit version of Mari was shown to be in combat using Asuka's Eva Unit 2 the whole time. While the Figma figure is capable of a wide range of movement, what you can do with the pilot that would seem "imaginatively reasonable" (^^;) is still very limited since it's the piloted mecha that is actually performing all the fighting action. This is the extra limitation I feel about the Revoltech Fraulein version. The Entry Plug module helps a lot in this matter, as Mari was shown to be in it most of the time during the fight sequence whenever there was cut scenes to her.

More images of the figure herself coming up in the next posting. ^^

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