Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set Part 3


A look at Asahina Yuki from Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival Set after introducing the Yuki in the previous posting. ^^

The figure and her display base parts.

As mentioned in the previous posting, Mikuru uses a slightly different display stand than Yuki and Haruhi. The stand is shorter, as it's meant to connect to her hair rather than her back.

Closeups on the details:

As evidenced by her lovely smile, hand gesture and all the colorful fish patterns on her yutaka, Mikuru is clearly the more gentle and cheerful member of the SOS Brigade. ^^ I really like the design of Mikuru's yutaka - it's my favorite out of the three. ^^ The fish patterns printed all over the dress are too cute to not be mentioned explicitly. ^o^ Also, even though it's hidden beneath her long hair all the time, but the ribbon knot behind her yutaka is the largest one among the three. Mikuru's head has to be detached in order for that part to be revealed in full, but despite it being hidden most of the time, the design is still very delicate. ^^ Same can be said regarding the fish patterns printed on her back which won't be shown at all unless the head is removed. The attention to details is very high for the figure. ^^

Mikuru has the same set of simple articulation points as Yuki and Haruhi:

The head is movable via ball-type neck joint, while the arms are on simple swivel joint at shoulder level.

Swivel joints for the waist and feet.

Adjusted a different pose for Mikuru. ^^

And another one. ^^

Mikuru with Yuki's yutaka. ^^

Since the display stand's slot is behind Mikuru hair, there's none on her back. As a result of that, even tjough part-swapping to get Haruhi and Yuki to wear Mikuru's yutaka is indeed very simple, getting the figure to stand properly is going to be a practical issue. ^^;

Haruhi and Yuki has to lean against the backdrop to stand properly. ^^;
On the other hand, Mikuru's yutaka seems very nice on Haruhi and Yuki. ^^

With all three figures introduced, the SOS Brigade can finally come together to discuss world domination plan in their yutakas. XD

Done for the introduction on the three figures, but the review series is yet to be concluded. The previously reviewed Nendoroid Petit Set, Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set must make a "ceremonious" appearance before the entire review series can be closed, properly. XD

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Sadly, i bought a class a set :'( i want that they are so cute T_T